2022: Did Carey Lowell Have Plastic Surgery? The Real Truth Explored!


2022: Did Carey Lowell Have Plastic Surgery? The Real Truth Explored!

Carey Lowell broke her hiatus from acting and can be seen on screen once again. After the comeback after about a decade, as far as looks are concerned, her fans are wondering if she has undergone plastic surgery. Do you think she has? Read to find out.

Carey Lowell is an American model and actress who is mostly recognized as Assistant District Attorney Jamie Ross in the NBC drama Law & Order.

She recently reprised the role in 2022 for the 21st season of the show. She is also widely noted for playing Bond girl Pam Bouvier in the James Bond movie Licence to Kill in 1989.

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Did Carey Lowell Have Plastic Surgery?

Carey Lowell (@careylowell) has often been in the news for his on-again-off-again relationship and marriage with Richard Gere. But that’s not the only reason she is in the news. After she went on a hiatus from acting for about 10 years in the mid-2000s, she made a comeback on screen in 2018 when she appeared as a guest on the show Blue Bloods.

After Carey Lowell was once again a working actress, she came under the radar of usual celebrity gossip and speculations. Her sudden appearance once again on the screen took the audience by surprise. People began talking about her – why she had gone on that long hiatus, how things are going with her and Richard Gere, and how she looks different now.

It had been more than a decade so, of course, Carey Lowell was going to look different from how she looked when she went on a hiatus. And when it comes to looks, we know that plastic surgery speculations are the frontrunners in the way that things happen. So, unsurprisingly, fans began to wonder if the Law & Order actress has gotten any plastic surgery done.

However, looking at her, all the changes, that could have been the reason people might be suggesting plastic surgery as the reason, appears to be natural – what some people might call aging. So, her facial features don’t look like what they used to.

Looking at this picture of hers, her skin doesn’t look very loose but crow’s feet can be seen around her eyes and one can see laugh lines on her cheeks. But her eyes, nose, cheeks are all the same just a little aged. Thus, there is no strong evidence to suggest that Carey Lowell has in any way altered her face through plastic surgery.

All it looks like she aged naturally, gracefully, and healthily.  So, we think that the former model has not undergone any cosmetic alterations.

Moreover, proper skin care can do wonders for your aging skin and make it look relatively younger and healthier, and wrinkle-free. And in the world where plastic surgery is the usual go-to for maintaining looks, genes are often ignored and underrated.

Plus, never underestimate the effects of well-done makeup. If people were searching about Carey Lowell having plastic surgery because she didn’t look too different and after a decade also, has only a few wrinkles than before, skincare and makeup must be considered.

Carey Lowell’s New Career in Ceramics

Just about three months before, in early December 2021, Carey Lowell launched a ceramics line including porcelain vases, bowls, and plates, which are showcased on her website.

Speaking about her new ceramics line, the actress told that it was a career shift. Carey Lowell thinks of it as an extension of who she is already. For her, it was an expression of creativity that she is in control of, that she can do for herself, that she is not waiting for somebody else to hire her. She feels it much nicer to be autonomous that way.

This sudden involvement in pottery may seem out of the blue and surprising. But it’s not. The License to Kill star has always had a love for pottery at some level. It started when she was a high schooler.

Carey Lowell took ceramics in her high school art class and enrolled in classes at New York City’s Greenwich House Pottery studio over 20 years ago and developed a hobby for it. But she never got to follow through and commit to it after she finished high school. Until pandemic, that is.

Once the pandemic hit, Carey spent her time indulging in what was once just a casual hobby and this creative hobby of hers evolved into something she could truly pursue.

Now, Carey Lowell’s gotten to the point where she sells the pottery supplies she herself made from scratch. She has not only sold her pottery at various local events but also commissioned pieces for friends and fans of her work. Before that, she used to give away her pieces for free to friends who were interested.

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