Diana Jenkins, an RHOBH celebrity, has been the subject of numerous plastic surgery rumors, notably a facelift, nose job, and lip fillers. To learn more about her plastic surgery history and the cosmetic surgeries Diana Jenkins underwent, read this article.

Sanela Diana Jenkins is an entrepreneur and philanthropist who is 49 years old. The RHOBH alum was born in Bosnia and raised in Herzegovina. She now lives in California. Diana left her country during the siege of Sarajevo and immigrated to London, where she attended City University.

The billionaire sent her there to study economics and computer science. Jenkins also created Neuro Brands, a privately held lifestyle drink business, in 2009 and currently serves as its chair and CEO.

In December, the 48-year-old philanthropist was revealed as Bravo‘s newest Housewife. She will also appear in the show as a friend of the main character, Sheree Zampino.

Being in show business is quite challenging. You must have the most flawless appearance possible, even if this necessitates using artificial operations like plastic surgery. Having cosmetic surgery is also not at all unusual in modern society. Let’s get into more detail about Diana Jenkins and her plastic surgery allegations.

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How Was Diana Jenkins Before Plastic Surgery? Before & After Pictures Analyzed!

Since Diana Jenkins (@sdjneuro) has gained more and more admirers and followers from the show, people are open to hearing about the cosmetic alterations she has made. But regrettably, after making racial remarks to one of her fans in a comment, she had to seek an apology.

Her picture is becoming viral online, and RHOBH followers were astonished and found it impossible to identify the philanthropist in her late forties. The public became aware of Diana Jenkins’ plastic surgery because Kristen Dionne shared a photo of herself in the past and in the present. A noticeable difference can be noted as the star appears on RHOBH. The picture’s caption said:

My thoughts can’t comprehend that this is an identical girl.

RHOC has returned with season 12. Additionally, it has revived well-known figures like Kyle Richards and Dorit Kemsley. In addition to this, the drama on the show has two new cast members this time around, one of whom is Sanela Diana Jenkins aka Diana.

Diana Jenkins has also been speculated to have undergone plastic surgery in the past, just like all of the RHOC stars on the show. As a result, we had to compare her before and after photos. But regrettably, there aren’t a lot of old pictures online.

Additionally, there are no indications that she has acknowledged or discussed her opinions regarding such rumors. She may not have been in the mainstream media for very long for this to be the case.

We do believe that she has had many enhancements based on a comparison of her before and after photos. First off, we think the celebrity has undergone a facelift. People her age typically do this. We think she had a facelift following 2017.

Aside from that, glancing at her image, her nose appears to have undergone a nose job. Because the squeezed ala and tip make it completely different. Additionally, we think she may have previously used lip fillers. This would explain why her lips looked like they were overfilled with ducks.

With her recent appearance on tv shows and on the internet, fans are commenting on the difference she looks now compared to before. Fans claim that she looks all artificial now and looks like a completely different person. Some fans even question if she is addicted to cosmetic modifications and recommends she stop before it’s too late.

What Is the Richest RHOBH Star Diana Jenkins’ Net Worth?

Diana Jenkins is a newcomer to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but she has already made an impression by being outspoken and a little, um, over the top.

For example, at one point in the season, Sutton Stracke refers to Diana as a soulless person, to which Diana responds:

You need a new villain? Here I am.

According to Diana Jenkins’s website, she attended the City University of London where she studied economics and computer science. She then accepted a position as a clerk in London’s Covent Garden, a popular destination for shopping and entertainment, and used the money she earned to start a jewelry store.

Diana used to compete in swimming, and she eventually acquired the Melissa Obadash swimwear brand, which was beloved by celebrities. Diana also owns Neuro, a beverage brand with the tagline Drink with a Purpose. Drinks include Immune, Sleep, Bliss, and Sonic. RocketReach estimates that the business brings approximately $79 million annually.

Roger Jenkins, the former head of private equity at Barclays, and Diana Jenkins finally got married. Although they divorced in 2009, they still get along well. By the way, according to Celebrity Net Valued, Roger is currently worth between $80 and $100 million.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Diana advertised her Malibu property in 2020 for $125 million after purchasing it for $21 million in the early 2000s. According to Bravo, she ultimately sold her home in 2021 for almost $87 million. According to the real estate website Dirt, Diana has downsized to a more than 13,000 square foot, about $13 million Hidden Hills mansion with seven bedrooms and eight baths.

Okay, so the sum of all of it is quite high. Celebrity Net Worth estimates Diana Jenkins’s net worth to be around $300 million. So, yup. She undoubtedly appears to be the richest housewife in the current season of the show.

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