Popular Youtuber, Deji Olatunji, lost more than 30 lbs before his match with fellow Youtuber Alex Wasabi. Deji’s weight loss was the motive to perform better as he totally neglected his weight in his previous fights which he lost. Know every detail on Deji Olatunji’s weight loss story and controversy after the fight right below.

Deji Olatunji‘s channel ComedyShortsGamer has over 10 million subscribers and 4 billion views, making him a popular YouTube sensation.

In fact, he is so well-known that he was named second on Tubular Labs’ BBC list of the UK’s Most Influential YouTube Creators in 2015, right behind his older brother, Olajide “JJ” Olatunji, better known as KSI. Deji’s output consists mostly of gaming videos, pranks, and crazy challenge videos, among other things.

The majority of Deji Olatunji’s videos receive over a million views. He placed second in the 2015 Legends of Gaming competition, competing against other YouTube gamers such as Wroetoshaw and Calfreezy. Deji has his own clothing business, Tank, which creates beanies and snapbacks and sells them on his website.

He also has some experience in acting, having starred with his brother JJ and famed YouTube vlogger Caspar Lee in the 2016 comedy film Laid In America.

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Deji Olatunji’s Weight Loss: How Much Weight Did the YouTube Star Lose Ahead of His Fight with Alex Wassabi?

Youtube Star Deji Olatunji (@comedygamer) seems to have lost roughly 37 pounds in preparation for his fighting comeback. On Saturday night, the social media sensation returned to the ring for his third fight, against fellow YouTuber Alex Wassabi (@alexwassabi).

Deji also weighed in at a career-low of 168 pounds, down almost 15 pounds from his previous weigh-in in Miami last summer when he challenged Tik Tok singer and model Vinnie Hacker.

The Brit’s weight drop was even more astonishing after he revealed to Mirror Fighting that he had gone through a hard water cut to get down to 183 lb for his battle with Hacker.

After KSI vs Logan Paul was announced, Deji Olatunji challenged Jake Paul to a boxing match. Jake Paul, on the other hand, won the fight by TKO in the fifth round. In March 2021, Deji stated that he would return to boxing.

Deji met a TikToker named Vinnie Hacker in the undercard of the YouTube vs TikTok Battle of the Platforms boxing event on June 5, 2021. Despite the fact that the two had a friendly connection, Hacker defeated Deji on June 12th.

Deji Olatunji in a recent interview before his match against Wasabi said that he previously weighed more than 200 lbs during his fights. He also claimed that his negligence regarding his weight was the reason he lost both of the fights. He since focused on his training and putting on eligible weight. Ahead of his fight, he said, “Right now I’m around 77kg.”

Deji weighed around 205 pounds on fight night with Hacker, which means he has lost more than two stones in preparation for his battle with Wassabi. Unfortunately, Deji was defeated by newcomer Alex for the third time in a row.

Deji Olatunji is not a professional boxer or an athlete. He is just a famous YouTuber who sometimes wants beef with people to spice up his and his fans’ lives. Just like his brother, YouTube is still his primary platform.

Boxing Fans Believe that Alex Wassabi Used “Illegal” Elbows on Deji in a YouTube Battle

Deji put in a strong performance to go the distance for the first time in his amateur boxing career. Despite avoiding the shutdowns that troubled his fights with Paul and Hacker, the YouTube sensation couldn’t escape his ‘0’, with his American opponent grabbing the victory.

Deji Olatunji had vowed to retire if he got an unwanted hat-trick. And it looked like he could be controversially saved by the judges, but Wassabi was given the go-ahead after a 50-50 vote.

After a hesitant start, Deji, in the southpaw posture, was the first to push forward. Wassabi, on the other hand, responded brilliantly, forcing his more experienced opponent to clinch, and causing the Londoner to miss at the end of the round.

During their YouTube boxing match, Alex Wassabi was accused of using his elbows to strike opponent Deji Olatunji. Wassabi, a debutant, won the five-round main event at Wembley Arena Sunday night by split decision. However, attentive fans noticed the American utilizing his elbows and asked that he give his opponent a rematch.

Sharing footage of the incident, one fan said that Deji got robbed and Wassabi used his elbows to defeat Deji. Another added:

Don’t know how to feel about the fight. Deji had some good shots but Wassabi was more offensive with an elbow?

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