Davinia Taylor’s Weight Loss: Biohacking & Her Book!


Davinia Taylor Credits Her Weight Loss to Biohacking Method, as Explained in Her Book! weightandskin.com

Davinia Taylor lost 3 stones during her weight loss journey going from a size 16 to a size 8. And the Hollyoaks star credits her transformation to the biohacking method, which she has explained in her book titled It’s Not A Diet.

Davinia Taylor is a British actress, socialite, and interior designer who is renowned for playing the role of Jude Cunningham in the soap opera, Hollyoaks. She made her debut in the soap opera in 1996. However, she stopped playing the role in 1998. Later, she came back to reprise her role after an 18-year absence in 2016.

If you follow Davinia on Instagram, you’re probably aware of her weight loss journey. She frequently shares her before and after pictures which have led many of her fans to wonder about the secret behind her transformation. If you wish to know the same, well, we have got you covered.

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Davinia Taylor Underwent a Significant Weight Loss of 3 St, Thanks to Her Biohacking Method!

Davinia Taylor (@daviniataylor) has undergone a significant weight loss transformation after losing 3 stones (42 pounds) in recent years and going from a size 16 to a size 8. The Hollyoaks star frequently shares her before and after pictures on her Instagram in order to encourage people to stay fit. The Jude Cunningham actress also often discusses the connection between diet and mental health.

Davinia Taylor before and after weight loss. weightandskin.comDavinia Taylor before and after weight loss.
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Davinia, who gave up drinking in 2009, has stated that her life took a full turn for the better after her mother’s tragic death. She claims that she was able to lose weight by ‘counting chemicals’ rather than calories. In an interview with This Morning, the mother of 4 boys said,

You don’t count calories, you’ve gotta count chemicals. What I’ve done over the years is… because I eat on depression…When I’m upset or stressed I reach for carbohydrates, and that’s a form of biohacking. But basically, you’re trying to hack into your hormones to boost your mood.

So instead of drinking, which she gave up 13 years ago, Davinia Taylor turned to the comfort of carbohydrates and sugary food in an effort to cope with the passing of her mother. However, she claims that her bad diet, which included seed or vegetable oils, was what led to her unhappiness and weight gain. She added,

And the one I found out – more than sugar would you believe – is that vegetable oil and seed oil actually makes you depressed. It’s not meant to be in our diet but it’s everywhere.

Promoting her weight loss book, she also said, “And when I cut that out, my body started functioning better. And I could metabolise the food I was storing and get rid of it… And then improve my mood and start exercising.”

Davinia explained that this process is called biohacking where you train your brain’s relationship with food to prevent overindulging. She went on to say that she has changed her ‘gut microbiome’ and has become ‘metabolically flexible’, so she can now eat one slice of pizza instead of the whole thing. When asked how people may participate in the biohacking process, she stated,

You can do little things like cold showers that change your hormones. My mantra is: “feed the brain and the body will follow.

Davinia has faced other challenges in her life besides this one. When she and her ex-husband Dave Gardener were going through a divorce, she was forced to put her infamous partying lifestyle behind her. Dave obtained full custody of their son Grey at the time as a result of her excessive drinking habit.

Regardless, we can say that Davinia Taylor is a true example of how a person with strong determination can easily undergo weight loss. Currently, the 45-year-old looks absolutely fit and stunning.

Davinia Taylor’s Weight Loss Book!

Sharing her weight loss journey, Davinia Taylor has written a book titled It’s Not A Diet. In this motivating book, Taylor relies on her personal experience to offer expert advice on how to enhance your physical and emotional wellness.

Davinia Taylor's weight loss book can be found on Amazon for $8.49. weightandskin.comDavinia Taylor’s weight loss book can be found on Amazon for $8.49.
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The book provides a comprehensive approach to weight loss, reminding you that true health is more than just what you eat. It is divided into four sections: Mood, Food, Movement, and Rest. And it ends with a two-week reset program to make following Davinia’s suggestions simple and effective. You can buy the book from Amazon for $8.49.