‘Friends’ Star David Schwimmer’s Plastic Surgery – Did He Go Under the Knife?


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David Schwimmer before and after plastic surgery.

Check out the complete breakdown of Friends star David Schwimmer’s plastic surgery procedures with before and after pictures.

The name Ross Geller is quite a familiar one; in fact, he’s one of the most famous characters in television history. The role was played by none other than the talented David Schwimmer for a decade. Recently, he is making his presence felt through the British sitcom Intelligence.

Away from the professional scene, however, the actor is lately making rounds on the internet over the accusations of plastic surgery. So, is there any truth to it? Let’s find out.

David Schwimmer’s Plastic Surgery Includes Nose Job and Potentially Facelift

David Schwimmer's plastic surgery includes nose job and facelift.

David Schwimmer before and after plastic surgery.
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Although Ross Geller may have been swamped playing with dinosaurs to ever contemplate rhinoplasty, David Schwimmer was more than willing to correct his nose (just as co-star Lisa Kudrow). Besides changing his nose, the FRIENDS star is also alleged to have undergone a facelift operation.

As per The Celebrity Post, 52% of experts believe David Schwimmer has indeed undergone plastic surgery.

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They state,

David Schwimmer (Friends) has gone under the knife at least once if recent rumors regarding the 54-year-old actor are to be believed. Fans were asking the question after new photos surfaced of David on Thursday (November 19) looking a bit different.

While the actor is yet to publicly acknowledge going under the knife, there’s no doubt he’s definitely performed a nose job while the rumors of facelift surgery are mere speculations which we can neither confirm nor deny at this point.

David Schwimmer Did Not Audition for the Role of Ross Geller on Friends

Everyone who took part in the casting process of Friends remembers the eventual outcome was like a miracle. It wasn’t an easy task, but every actor fit in like a glove when the creative team eventually noticed them.

While the audition was taking place, Matthew Perry (Chandler Bing) and Jennifer Aniston (Rachel Greene) were both occupied with other shows, but both of those projects ended up falling through.

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Lisa Kudrow, meanwhile, was on Mad About You, playing the waitress, Ursula. The Friends team instantly became fond of her and made her character, Phoebe, and Ursula into twins.

Initially, Courteney Cox was given the part of Rachel, but she chose to play Monica Geller.

Joey’s position was a matter of two actors. Matt LeBlanc remembers his callback—he saw the other performer in a cowboy get-up and noticed that one of them had really misunderstood the role. Luckily, that was the other man!

David Schwimmer was the last individual to be cast for the sitcom. The writers wanted him to play the part of Ross—no one else would suffice, so an audition was not needed. All that was left was for him to be convinced.

Schwimmer had made it abundantly clear he was not looking to work on TV after the poor experience of a previous sitcom left a bitter taste in his mouth.

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But his agent eventually persuaded him to read the script, and he enjoyed the writing. He went on to accept the role and the rest is, as they say, history!

David Schwimmer Insists Ross and Rachel Were on a Break

David Schwimmer doesn’t mess around when it comes to the topic of Ross and Rachel’s infamous breakup in one of the most popular sitcoms in history, FRIENDS.

During an episode of The Tonight Show back in July 2020, Schwimmer made an appearance to discuss his latest sitcom Intelligence—and even settled a 23-year-old debate.

As the topic switched to Friends (in which Schwimmer portrayed Ross Geller for all 10 seasons), Fallon questioned if the actor genuinely felt Ross and Jennifer Aniston‘s Rachel were on a break when Ross slept with another girl. He had a pretty definite response.

It’s not even a question. They were on a break.

Turns out, in another reality, Schwimmer might not have been part of the famous dispute as he initially turned down the role in the NBC sitcom.

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After having had a horrible experience on his debut program, Schwimmer promised he would never star in a sitcom again.

However, when the writers Marta Kauffman and David Crane assured him they had written Ross taking his voice into consideration, he changed his opinion.

The actor said,

It was the biggest compliment ever.

Meanwhile, the Friends Reunion Special was initially supposed to air on HBO Max in May but was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

David Schwimmer said at the time,

We’re going to wait and see another week or two if we all determine it’s really safe to do. If not, we’ll wait until it’s safe.

As per Matthew Perry (in a more recent interview), they will film the reunion special in March 2021.

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