Full Story on Darienne Lake’s Weight Loss, Diet Plan & Fitness Routine


Full Story on Darienne Lake's Weight Loss, Diet Plan & Fitness Routine

Grab all the details of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 6 contestant Darienne Lake’s weight loss, diet plan, and workout schedules. Check out her before and after transformation.

Darienne Lake, commonly known as Miss Darienne Lake, is the stage persona of Greg Meyer, a United States drag queen from Rochester, New York who appeared on RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 6 as a participant.

Recently, Darienne Lake underwent an impressive weight loss, much to the amazement of fans. How many lbs did she shed? How did she achieve it? Let’s discuss.

Darienne Lake’s Weight Loss – How Many Pounds Did She Lose?

Darienne Lake before and after weight loss.

Darienne Lake before and after weight loss.
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Back in October 2020, Darienne Lake, a RuPaul’s Drag Race competitor, shared an inspiring makeover on social media.

The drag diva established a reputation for herself on the Emmy-winning series’ season 6, entering the Top 4 and rapidly becoming a fan favorite within the program.

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Taking to Twitter, the New York queen replicated the trending memes by citing “how it started” to “how it’s going” and posting a before and after shot.

It goes without saying, Darienne is pleased with her progress and has pushed hard to attain it, as evidenced by the pictures, which show a significant difference in body weight.

The queen tweeted,

I will gladly take the gym soreness over the hurt I carried on my body and in my soul.

Darienne also disclosed that the transition took “almost 2 years,” but added hopefully, there is still more time. Lake also revealed how she underwent weight loss, which included a combination of squats, deadlifts, and utilizing an elliptical machine.

In reaction to Darienne’s post, Drag Race celebrities tweeted to congratulate Darienne Lake on her success with her fitness and weight loss with a heap of supportive messages.

In another story, Darienne alerted her social media fans earlier in 2020 that she had tested positive for melanoma, a type of skin cancer that can extend to other parts of the body.

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Along with some gruesome photos of her leg post-op, she revealed:

I had a biopsy done and it’s positive for melanoma (cancer) I had surgery 2 weeks ago to take out more tissue, and lymph nodes to make sure it didn’t spread.

Lake then joked,

Just my luck to live somewhere where the sun shines 12 days a year and I get skin cancer. But, things look good and if I smell like sunscreen from now on, you’ll know why. 2020 is a c&&t, but I’m a bigger c&&t. Not today, cancer. Not today.

Well, she never lacks humor, does she?

Who is Darienne Lake?

Born on 27th November 1971 in Long Island, New York, Darienne Lake (born Greg Meyer), is an actor, comedian, drag performer, and TV personality who appeared on RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 6 and finished in the top four.

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Before participating in RuPaul’s Drag Race, she ran a hair-styling enterprise. Darienne Lake, her persona, made her debut on August 3rd, 1990 at the Liberty Nightclub’s Boys Will Be Girls revue in Rochester, New York.

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