‘Southern Charm’ Danni Baird’s Weight Loss – The Full Story!


Southern Charm star Danni Baird before and after weight loss.

Everything you need to know about ‘Southern Charm’ star Danni Baird’s weight loss speculations and health concerns by contrasting her before and after pictures.

Danni Baird was born on 14th May 1984, which makes her 36-year-old as of January 2021. She was raised by her parents Christ and Emmason Baird. Danni has kept much of her family life secret and hidden from the cameras.

Recently, the reality star is the subject of weight loss curiosity on the internet. Did the Southern Charm alum Danni Baird lose substantial weight? Let’s learn the details.

Danni Baird’s Weight Loss is Alarming ‘Southern Charm’ Viewers – Is She Sick?

Fans were worried about Southern Charm star Danni Baird‘s physique, with some suspecting health concerns because of her alarming weight loss.

One such user took to Reddit where the person asked:

Is Danni okay?? Anyone else feel like she looks emaciated? Her legs are little twigs! She is so beautiful and there’s a definite change in her body from season 1. Absolutely not hating on her, I’m just a little worried.

A user responded,

She does appear very thin I hope she’s ok.

Another said,

Yeah honestly, I think she does have an eating disorder 🙁 when she fainted last season I came to this conclusion unless she has gone plant based?

The other user reckoned Danni may have the same issues she has. The fan then shared her own experience about how she’s naturally thin, and so is everybody in her house. However, she struggles to eat a lot and occasionally gets really thin because of it.

'Southern Charm' star Danni Baird is the subject of concerning weight loss among fans.

‘Southern Charm’ star Danni Baird is the subject of concerning weight loss among fans.
Image Source: Instagram

For instance, in the last two weeks, she had lost 8 pounds because she just can’t eat. She takes a bite of food and it’s so dry in her mouth that she actually can’t chew it.

In moments like these, she keeps eating her favorite strawberry apple sauce to keep her blood sugar up and it’s still not enough. She assumes Dani gets hypoglycemic, and that’s the reason she had gotten weak.

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The Redditor added,

I’m currently having the same problem but it’s my fault; I really didnt take care of myself.

To make a long story short I believe that when Dani is stressed or depressed she cant eat. I struggle with the same thing.

The other user claimed,

As someone who had an ED, I feel very strongly that she and Naomi both don’t take proper care to eat enough calories.

Fans have been noticing her dramatic weight loss for several seasons now. One recalls the particular season where she was arguing with Ashley when they were in a cabin, wearing orange trousers, and “her legs were like toothpicks.” She most likely has an ED, or she’s on an Adderal.

Meanwhile, one fan pointed out she had a “health scare” over the summer that was making her look extremely unhealthy.

Another fan shared her own personal experience.

I used to be as thin as she was because a medication I was taking was messing with my thyroid and giving my hyperthyroidism that wasn’t obvious from a standard tsh test.

My resting heart rate was in the 160s. It got old hearing people whisper about an eating disorder I didn’t have.

She may be suffering from health problems and regardless of the origin of the struggle, I wish her well. She deserves to be happy and in good health.

Some of the fans were hoping Danni gets some help. There’s slim and then there’s incredibly emaciated. It’s painful to see one of the sweetest ladies on reality shows looking so unhealthy.

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In the same vein, one fan said:

She looks very strange almost like she has Bells Palsy or a past stroke. In episode 6 when she talks to Kat she has one eye that looks barely open while the other one expresses emotion.

Similarly, one fan pointed out Danni Baird appears emaciated, the skin on her face seems severely beaten, one of her eyes appears to have complications, and there have been some very odd changes in her chin.

This could relate to a health concern or a drug issue. Whatever it is, here’s hoping she overcomes this unhealthy weight loss pretty soon.

Who is Danni Baird on Southern Charm?

Danni Baird from Southern Charm is a well-known lady in the reality TV world, but she does not shed much light about her private affairs.

The reality star first participated in the show in 2014 as a companion of the full-time castmate, Cameran Eubanks. Since Cameran is no longer on the program, Danni has formed an even stronger relationship with Kathryn Dennis (who is the subject of weight loss of her own).

The two girls have had a few fallouts, but overall they still remain friendly to each other.

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Although it’s unclear precisely where she grew up, her Linkedin profile reveals Danni spent her school days in North Carolina. She enrolled in North Carolina University in Wilmington, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing and Management.

She appears to have taken a job in Charleston, South Carolina in 2010, and is living there ever since.

Because of her past full-time employment and her position in Southern Charm, Danni holds an estimated net worth of $400,000. In addition, she’s got a love for painting and sells it under the label “DB Designs.”

Since joining Southern Charm, Danni has become pretty active on her social media accounts. Judging from her Instagram, the 36-year-old appears to be closest friends with Cameran Eubanks and Kathryn Dennis among the cast members.

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She also formed a close relationship with the new cast member, Leva Bonaparte. Danni was previously engaged to her boyfriend turned fiance, Todd Baldree, in 2016.

Before the pair could exchange vows, they decided to call off their engagement and went their separate ways. Danni Baird was also in a relationship with a man named Gentry last year.

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