Danii Banks Before Plastic Surgery: What Procedures Did the 32-Year-Old Instagram Model Really Undergo?

Chloe Sanchez

Danii Banks Before Plastic Surgery: What Procedures Did the 32-Year-Old Instagram Model Really Undergo?

‘Danii Banks before plastic surgery’ is currently trending because the social media influencer has changed significantly lately and fans wonder what procedures she underwent. The 32-year-old model is open about her botched butt injections, however, she has yet to speak on the rest of the allegations. Well, here’s everything we have on her cosmetic surgery with her before and after pictures.

Danii Banks (born on April 28, 1990) is an American fashion model, Instagram star, and social media phenomenon who is well-known for the engaging photographs that she shares on her Instagram account, and she frequently uploads photos of herself wearing intimate apparel or bathing suits to Instagram.

The 32-year-old model was raised in Michigan, where she was born and raised. Her zodiac sign is Taurus, and she is of American nationality. Danii has always been interested in modeling and fashion. She rose to fame and became well-known thanks to her Instagram posts, including sizzling and appealing modeling photos. She is also a musician who frequently shares musical content on her social media accounts.

Danii claimed that she was drugged and robbed at a Vegas party, and now her fans are interested in knowing about her. Banks is also known for her Botched Butt Injections; apparently, she had Butt Augmentation, which didn’t turn out the way she wanted, and the viewers speculate that she might have had more plastic surgery procedures. So, how much of this is true? Let’s find out by reading this article!

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Danii Banks Before Plastic Surgery: The 32-Years-Old Instagram Star Is Open About Her Botched Butt Injections but Is Unspoken of the Rest of the Allegations!

Danii Banks (@danii.banks) is a social media influencer with 8M followers on Instagram and had Botched Butt Injections; now, the viewers want to know how she looked before plastic surgery. The 32-years-old fashion model is suspected of undergoing Botox, rhinoplasty, lip augmentation, and breast augmentation.

Plastic surgery is now a common trend, especially among celebrities, and there are several stories of women who have gained more recognition as public figures or influenza, which made their social media handles to be verified after doing plastic surgeries on their bodies to get their desired shape. But sometimes, too many surgeries can be detrimental to human health, and in the same way, Dani Banks has also had Butt Augmentation however, the results have been far from what she expected.

The American model disclosed how her pursuit of the ideal booty cost her almost £7,000 in unsuccessful butt injections. In 2014, Danii Banks allegedly spent nearly  £2,000 on hydrogel butt injections in Miami. Danny had been on an episode of Botched, a TV program that helps to correct unsuccessful plastic operations. When Danii told plastic surgeons Dr. Paul Nassif and Dr. Terry Dubrow about her experience, they informed her that she had not received hydrogel-to-butt injections.

On their TV show Botched, doctors Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif perform plastic surgery on many patients. Drs. Dubrow and Nassif are here to put things right, and they have seen all kinds of patients in their consultation rooms who have previously had questionable cosmetic treatments.

According to Danii, she had the injections done in the basement of a medical spa rather than the more expensive Brazilian butt lift surgery. When the doctors inquired whether the substance was genuine hydrogel, Danii shrugged and answered that she didn’t know and she replied,

They put two holes, one on each side of the cheek, and then filled up the big syringes – they were huge syringes.

The surgeons condemned the process and questioned the chemical used, claiming that using unauthorized substitutes could have fatal consequences. The physicians advised Danii to leave her buttocks alone and not to think about adding any fat to them, either on top or in layers. In her instance, the crease under her right butt cheek has entirely collapsed, something she is desperate to change, and they told her,

Fat injections in the buttock is the most dangerous procedure in all of plastic surgery because there’s a very short distance between those little blood vessels in the buttock and the main vein bringing blood back to your heart and lungs.

In addition to Butt Augmentation, the 32-years-old social media influencer is also suspected of undergoing Botox as she looks too young and beautiful. Maybe the reason she is suspected of undergoing Botox is that she has already had one plastic surgery, and it would not be surprising for her to undergo more procedures. It’s unclear whether she underwent this procedure, but fans believe that she might have had this surgery.

If you look at Danii’s nose, you can notice a change, and the fans have speculated that she might have had the help of plastic surgeons to change her nose. When comparing before and after photos of Danii, a slight change in her lips can be seen; her lips look thicker now than previously, and she might have had plastic surgery to change her lips.

Her lips might be the small change you can see in her appearance however, if you look at her breasts, you can notice the change when you compare her before and after photos. It’s not surprising for social media influencers to undergo this procedure, especially Danii has already had Butt Augmentation however, as the plastic surgeon had told her not to undergo any other further procedures, it’s unclear if she underwent this procedure.

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