Dane Cook is a comedian, someone who made his name in the late 90s and early 2000s. He’s been in the public’s eyes for a better part of two-decade now, and even though some people are not familiar with his work, they do know about the actor’s tendency to date young girls. His most recent girlfriend is 27 years younger than him, but dating young is not the only thing people know the comedian for, Dane Cook is also known for rumored plastic surgery work done to his face.

The comedian has appeared in movies, he has had the highest-selling comedy albums, and he is also known for using social media to broaden his fanbase. Throughout his career, one thing has remained alarmingly constant for the comedian/actor; he looks almost the same since his early 2000 touring days. There is a reason why Dane Cook plastic surgery rumor is trending; he does not look a day older than 28, which is almost impossible for a 48-year-old man. So, is there any truth to the idea of the actor getting work done on his face, or is it just a good diet and care?

Dane Cook Plastic Surgery – Rumor or Fact

Dane Cook started his career in the 90s, he was one of the first comedians to broaden his fan base using the internet in the 2000s, and he rode the success afforded to him through social media and sell of his comedy albums. Same time he was also killing it as an actor, he was young back then, but when the person who appeared in Mystery Men looks the same today, as he did over 20 years ago, there are going to be some questions.

There are specimens in this world, where the person looks like they haven’t aged a single day since their 25th birthday (Keanu Reeves). But not everyone is blessed with the genes like the internet’s boyfriend, and there is a case to be made about Dane Cook being conscious about his appearance and taking care of his appearance, which allowed him to look young even at the age of 48.

But there are signs on his face which support the rumors of the masses saying the actor went under the knife to look younger. The camera may also be doing the trick, standing beside a 19-year-old girlfriend is probably helping Dane Cook look younger, but we think not. It seems the rumors of the actor getting work done on his face may have some facts.

Plastic Surgeons Think Dane Cook Got Rhinoplasty and Botox

Dane Cook plastic surgery rumors say he had rhinoplasty and botox.Dane Cook plastic surgery rumors say he had rhinoplasty and botox.
Source: People

When you are in trouble, ask professional help, well, according to professionals in the field of plastic surgery, Dane Cook appears to have some work done to his face. The comedian has said he takes care of his face and his body, which is why he appears younger in his older age, but people who have been working in the world of nip and tuck say otherwise.

According to Dr. Andrew Miller, “You can see how his eyebrows seem lower. This does occur with natural aging, but it does look like he has had Botox to the forehead because the middle part of his brow is lower than the outer part. If it were simply aging, the whole brow would come down together.”

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But botox is not the only thing doctors are saying Dane Cook got to enhance his appearance. Dr. Adam Hamawy said the comedian appears to have gotten some work done on his nose. The doctor speculated, saying there are signs of rhinoplasty, as his nose appears tapered than they used to be. The nostrils are small, and the width of the nose as a whole appears “narrow,” according to the doctor.

It seems the speculation of Dane Cook plastic surgery is true. There are numerous people who work on their appearance, but achieving the level of success like Dane requires professional help. It appears Dane got the help, and he looks younger because of the decision he made.

What does Dane Cook Say About His Youthful Appearance and Plastic Surgery Rumors?

The comedian makes sure to say the work done his face is all-natural. Something he works on every day with the help of a dermatologist, and it is the reason for his youthful appearance. In an Instagram post, Dane made in 2018, the comedian addressed the whole plastic surgery rumor and explained how he maintains his body and face.

Dane wrote, “So many weirdos DMing me asking why I wax my eyebrows or Botox. It’s called healthy living, my friends. Never drank or did a drug. All that s*** f**** up your skin. I’ve had a dermatologist for years to help me keep my skin nice with constant travel. Drink mostly water!” Professionals say plastic surgery, Dane Cook says hard work, believe who you want to.