Crystal Reed’s Plastic Surgery: What Happened to the Teen Wolf Star’s Face?

Chloe Sanchez

Crystal Reed's Plastic Surgery: What Happened to the Teen Wolf Star's Face?

Crystal Reed, who is believed to have performed plastic surgery on her face, had an emotional reaction to being asked to return as Allison in Teen Wolf: The Movie, as revealed at San Diego Comic-Con. Crystal’s return to the supernatural drama has sparked the excitement of fans. Many people are now asking if she underwent plastic surgery to improve her appearance.

Crystal Marie Reed is an American actress and model who rose to fame as the lead in the television series Teen Wolf. She made her acting debut in 2010 on the television show CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. She went on to appear in several additional shows, including The Hard Times.

In addition, she made her film debut in Skyline in 2010. She starred as Amy in the 2011 film Crazy, Stupid, Love. That same year, the model landed a leading role as Allison Argent in Teen Wolf, a role she played in 2014 & the popular series provided her with numerous further opportunities.

The American actress was born in Detroit, Michigan, on February 6, 1985. She began studying dance at an early age and became an active dancer as she grew older. She then developed an interest in performing and became involved in the local community theater. Crystal Reed continued acting and subsequently relocated to Chicago, where she appeared in a few local theatrical productions.

Crystal Reed’s plastic surgery has piqued the interest of internet users. The attractive television queen is in her mid-thirties and still has stunning physical characteristics. There have been rumors that she had plastic surgery to improve her look and figure, but this has not been substantiated. Here’s everything you need to know about Crystal Reed’s alleged plastic surgery enhancements.

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Did Crystal Reed Have Plastic Surgery?

Crystal Reed (@crystalmreed) played a high school student on the popular MTV drama Teen Wolf, but she was actually in her late 20s when she started playing the character.

Despite being 37, the actress may still pass for a teenager due to her youthful appearance. Concerning her appearance, many people are questioning if the actress has undergone plastic surgery to enhance her face and body shape.

Based on her current appearance, it does not appear that the actress has not undergone any major plastic surgery. Most people say she doesn’t require intrusive treatment to look more noticed because she’s inherently lovely. When it comes to her physical appearance, the actress has a thin build and her bodily features appear to be proportionate to her body type. Reed is thus a recognized natural beauty.

Meanwhile, Crystal’s dewy skin and thick brows give her a fresh, pared-down appearance, while a set of extra long lashes adds a touch of effortless glamour. A dusty rose lip enhances her features and draws attention in a subtle way.

In addition, Crystal Reed has a definite square shape to her face as well as some heart-shaped traits. She has a square face with a wide, angular jawline that is the same width as her temples. On the other hand, looking at her earlier and current photographs, there do not appear to be enough differences in her appearance.

On the other hand, Crystal Reed is still pursuing her acting career, and fans are eager to see what this TV star has in store for them. With only a decade on the job, her light can only shine brighter as she moves forward into an uncertain future.

Being in the limelight, her fans on Reddit are also wondering if she had plastic surgery. One user remarked, ‘Too bad she got all that surgery. Kinda ruined her natural beauty, IMO.’ So it’s unclear whether she underwent plastic surgery to alter her appearance.

Who Is Crystal Reed Dating In 2022?

Crystal Reed, 37, is not married at the moment. Netizens are eager to learn who the American actress is dating in 2022. Crystal has had various love relationships with other celebrities. She was married to Peter John Nottoli between 2008 and 2010 when they divorced.

Reed soon entered into another relationship. Daniel Sharman, a British actor, and Crystal and Daniel dated from 2011 to 2013. When Daniel joined the cast of Teen Wolf in the second season, the two co-starred. They split up in 2013, and Crystal took a break to explore the beautiful Paris in search of healing.

Other than this, Crystal Reed began dating Scottish TV personality Darren McMullen after her divorce from Sharman. The couple had an open relationship and attended award shows and movie premieres together. They also frequently shared each other’s photos on their Instagram pages. Unfortunately, the lovebirds split up in early 2019.

The former X-Factor host declared that he was tired of Hollywood’s lying, cheating, and stealing. He did not provide any additional specifics regarding the incidents that led to the breakup, but he returned to Australia following the split. Crystal appears to have moved on – and may have done so for some time.

While it hasn’t been proven, rumors say that Crystal and Maria have been dating since July 2019. But the internet has been buzzing recently because of a remark Crystal put on an Instagram photo Maria posted: “Can’t wait to have my girlfriend back. ;)”

Maria was in Italy on vacation. Additionally, Maria shared a snapshot of the two of them walking side by side, looking absolutely stunning. Maybe Crystal and Maria are dating, or maybe they’re simply really good friends.

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