As a television personality and former model, it must be difficult for Courtney Hansen to maintain her beauty and remain as attractive as possible in her late forties without the use of plastic surgery. People have begun to wonder why she is still able to maintain her beauty now that she is no longer young; it appears that she has gone under the knife because the change is not natural for her. People believe the 48-year-old has undergone procedures like Botox, filler, facelift, and brow lift.

Courtney Hansen is a former fashion model, writer, and American television host/personality. She is well-known for hosting Powerblock and Million Dollar Motors, Rides, and Overhaulin. Moreover, she is an actress and producer who has worked on Destination Wild and The Ride That Got Away. Hansen also worked as a fashion and fitness model, appearing on the covers of Hot Rod Magazine, Muscle & Fitness, and other major publications.

Moreover, the TV personality has written a nationally syndicated automotive newspaper column called Courtney Hansen: Full Throttle since 2005, as well as a piece for FHM. She is the author of The Garage Girl’s Guide To Everything You Need To Know About Your Car, a book that teaches women and first-time car owners about car care. In January 2014, Hansen began hosting the NBC Sports, Spike TV, and CBS Sports TV show PowerNation, and he was the spokesman for Endurance Warranty Services, LLC until 2017.

While Courtney Cox is in her near fifties, she should be showing signs of aging just like anyone else her age. However, she does not appear to be that way. She even appears younger in comparison to other people of her age; this is what sparked the gossip because everyone expected her to show signs of aging. Did she go under the knife to prevent aging? Here’s everything you need to know about Courtney Hansen’s plastic surgery rumors.

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Courtney Hansen’s Plastic Surgery: The 48-Year-Old Is Accused of Using Multiple Cosmetic Treatments Like Botox, Facelift, Filler, and Brow Lift!

We all know Courtney Hansen (@courtney_hansen) is in her late forties, but she is still stunning. Everyone suspects that her beautiful and young appealing face is the result of plastic surgery. What fans notice about her appearance is that the former model’s beauty appears to last forever because they do not see any signs of aging in her, even though she should have. That is why people have accused her of undergoing cosmetic procedures as it appears that she undergoes the procedure in order to alter her appearance and maintain her eternal beauty.

People began to wonder why she is still able to maintain her beauty now that she is no longer young; it appears that she has not only used natural treatments because the change is not something that is natural for her. We could see from Hansen’s photos that she has no wrinkles on her skin, making her appear young. That is why we believe Hansen used Botox to remove her wrinkles; this is a common practice among actresses.

The former fashion model is also rumored to have a facelift because her skin is smoother and there are no fine lines. Unfortunately, both the Botox and the facelift make her look younger than she is. She also might have used filler injections in some areas of her face. Her skin is gleaming and tighter, as you can see. Her forehead appears smoother and her entire face is wrinkle-free. Her eye bags are removed during the procedure, making her eyes appear larger. These procedures have improved her youthful appearance.

Aside from Courtney Hansen’s eyes, the area around her brow would be affected, particularly by wrinkles forming in the most fragile areas, such as the brow. We could see wrinkles and lines in the brow area of elderly women. You could not find it on her brow, which is unusual. That is why we suspected she had a brow lift to make her brow area appear smooth and wrinkle-free. The writer has reportedly undergone anti-aging treatments to prevent aging.

Meanwhile, the television personality’s nose is slightly longer at the tip and puffier around her nostrils. She contours it to make it appear slimmer. Her nose bone structure remains unchanged; it simply appears smaller. She also uses contour around her cheekbones, drawing attention to her nose. Her natural appearance is more reminiscent of how she used to appear, though she still wore makeup at the time.

On the other hand, we could say that she has reaped numerous benefits from plastic surgery procedures. It is not surprising for someone like her to undergo plastic surgery because she appears on TV, where everyone values her appearance, so she always looked good all the time. As a television personality and former model, it must be difficult for her to maintain her beauty and remain as attractive as possible. However, her constant focus on beauty leads her to use plastic surgery to achieve a more beautiful appearance.

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