Comedian Michelle Collins’ Weight Loss – What’s Her Diet Plan & Fitness Routine?


Comedian Michelle Collins' weight loss, diet plan and fitness routine is a topic of curiosity.

Everything you need to know about comedian Michelle Collins’ weight loss, diet plan, as well as fitness routine by examing her before and after pictures. How many pounds did she lose?

Michelle Collins was born on 9th July 1981, in Miami Beach, Florida, as Michelle Cikk, to parents Judy and Mel Collins, who changed her name early on when she was a child.

She’s got an older brother. Her parents are of Eastern European Jewish origin. As for her education, Collins graduated with a B.A. from Barnard College in New York in Art History.

Michelle Collins’ Weight Loss – Did the Comedian Shed Some Pounds?

Comedian Michelle Collins before and after weight loss.

Comedian Michelle Collins before and after weight loss.
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Michelle Collins is a well-known American actress and talk show host. Collins entered the entertainment business as managing editor of VH1’s, a pop-culture channel related to the same name show. The website received two Webby Awards for Best Celebrity Fan Blog.

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In 2010, Collins entered the new LOGO/VH1 show The Gossip Queens as a co-presenter, which was still in small syndication. She later signed for The View on 13th July 2015 for season 19 as co-host. On 3rd June 2016, she was fired.

Lately, Michelle is the subject of weight loss speculations among fans on the internet. So, did she really lose weight? The answer seems to be quite obvious.

Merely taking a quick glance at her before and after pictures (above), you can easily notice the change in Michelle Collins’ physique. She looks a lot slimmer these days than in the past. However, the precise number of pounds she dropped is still anybody’s guess.

The comedian has never publicly addressed her weight loss, nor has she mentioned her diet plan and fitness routine. So, we gotta wait and see if she spills the beans on her secrets sometime in the future.

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Meanwhile, Michelle’s fans leave no shortage of effort to display their admiration for the incredibly “hot” and “attractive” Collins. Her Instagram is filled with such flattering comments and it’s not really surprising since she genuinely looks amazing.

Why was Michelle Collins Fired from The View?

It’s fair to say Michelle Collins no longer enjoyed the view after getting axed in 2016.

Less than 12 months after becoming a regular panel member on the long-running ABC talk show, Collins got relieved from her co-hosting assignments, as reported by Variety.

When asked about her departure from the program, ABC said in a statement at the time:

Michelle is smart, opinionated, and funny. She’s been a great addition to the panel this year. When we are ready to make an announcement about next season, we will.

Collins entered season 19 of the show in July 2015 after a mild trial run in which her style of comedy and commentary was well appreciated.

Since the start of 2016, however, Collins’ co-hosting obligations on the program reduced dramatically to only a couple of appearances per week.

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During her brief tenure on the network, Michelle’s remarks ignited not one but two big scandals over the daytime show. ABC lost sponsors in September 2015 after Collins insulted nurses.

Later in October of the same year, she came under scrutiny for making fun of Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina‘s face.

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