‘Bling Empire’ Christine Chiu’s Plastic Surgery – The Untold Truth!


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Christine Chiu before and after plastic surgery.

Learn all the facts about Christine Chiu’s plastic surgery procedures, most notably Botox injections, lip fillers, facelift, and eyelid surgery. Check out the before and after changes of the ‘Bling Empire’ star on Netflix.

Christine Chiu had the feeling of a little child in a candy shop during her first haute couture event. The experience sparked her passion for custom-made garments and the craft behind them.

Chiu is pretty excited about sharing, and back in 2019, Prince Charles was invited to Scotland to launch a new health and care center in her name.

Recently, this gorgeous personality is making her name through her new reality show Bling Empire on Netflix. With this, the speculations of plastic surgery have risen quite a lot as well.

So, is there any truth to her going under the knife? Let’s find out.

Has Christine Chiu Undergone Plastic Surgery?

Netflix's 'Bling Empire' star Christine Chiu is the subject of plastic surgery on the internet.

Netflix’s ‘Bling Empire’ star Christine Chiu is the subject of plastic surgery on the internet.
Image Source: Instagram

Christine Chiu is one of the central cast members of the new Netflix reality show Bling Empire. She comes from the immense riches she and her husband have accumulated over the years.

Taking a quick glance at the previews, we’re looking at her not quite normal life in this latest Netflix program.

Away from the professional scene, Christine Chiu often raises questions over whether she’s gone under the knife just like her castmates DJ Kim Lee, Kane Lim, and Anna Shay.

The fact that her husband Gabriel Chiu is one of the well-renowned plastic surgeons makes it even more plausible that she’s had cosmetic enhancements.

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Looking at her changes through before and after pictures (not really available in abundance), it seems apparent the reality star has opted for several plastic surgery procedures. These include Botox injections, facelift, lip fillers, and eyelid surgery.

In the meantime, it’s anybody’s guess whether her husband was the man holding the knife to enhance her appearance.

Previously, Chiu revealed the couture trick that she and her spouse make use of to predict plastic surgery trends from the runway. The Hollywood Reporter stated,

Backless gowns mean liposuction of the back bra-line and contouring of the back waist; plunging necklines call for removal of implants; and high-low hemlines result in knee liposuction and a demand for a thigh gap.

Chiu says this season’s focus on shoulders, neck and decolletage means requests for procedures to eliminate lines, wrinkles and sun damage in those areas.

Christine, whose husband has treated several high profile stars, claimed entertainment drives the desire for plastic surgery. While she was talking about Hollywood stars and top models, this might be true for her as well.

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A Look at Christine Chiu’s Glamorous Life

Initially, Netflix was not eager to reveal much about the cast and crew of Bling Empire. The viewers were given just a few promos, no titles, and very little, in general.

Among all of Netflix’s early 2021 lineup, this show could prove to be the most interesting. And the rumor mills have stopped for quite a while ever since Christine Chiu was officially confirmed as one of Netflix’s Bling Empire choices.

But who’s Chiu, and why does her life look so glamorous?

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First of all, Chiu is labeled as the “socialite wife of a plastic surgeon,” which seems like she’s technically out of a job. The Beverly Hills housewife tied the knot with Dr. Gabriel Chiu, a prominent plastic surgeon, and some reports claim she helps run the medispa she founded with her husband.

Christine attended Pepperdine and Stanford, says Dr. Chiu Reviews, and she carries 10 years of experience in the public relations and cosmetics industries.

But as of 2016, she was getting attention for claiming she didn’t want celebs to wear sloppy seconds when it comes to purchasing couture outfits. The socialite clarified when she watched fashion shows and saw the garments she liked on the runway, she would have put a deposit to buy them.

But then she would see celebrities like Jessica Chastain or Kerry Washington wearing the gowns that the workshops put on the market which irritated her.

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For instance, during a meeting in 2016 with Prince Charles (the Chius are starting a care facility in partnership with the Prince), Mrs. Chiu wore a dress that Kerry Washington turned up with a few months later.

Christine felt she’s only going to wear the $100k gowns if she’s confident enough to pull this off better than every celeb who had worn it in the past.

Meanwhile, sporting stylish gowns and collaborating with Prince Charles isn’t the only exciting thing about Christine Chiu’s everyday life. She and her husband share a son, but they also own two pet llamas—rescues, confirms Christine on Instagram.

And while Dr. Chiu Reviews demonstrates all of Christine’s philanthropy and volunteer efforts (she’s done quite a bit), the family also flies by private plane, enjoys short jaunts to Aspen, and recruits Santas with summer ponies.

Christine also loves surfing on Louis Vuitton surfboards, styles her son in Dolce & Gabbana and Gucci, and spends time on private yachts in glamourous clothes.

Practically, she does all the stuff Kardashians do, with the exception that all of her Instagram posts are followed by insightful feelings, inspiring quotations, and a serious absence of #ad hashtags.

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Looking at Christine’s Instagram, Bling Empire is going to be fast-paced, interesting, and potentially even cooler than seeing the presumed divorce drama happen on ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians.’

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