Sister Wives star Christine Brown’s weight loss surgery, as well as weight loss products, are the topic of curiosity. Fans wonder what Christine Brown did to lose weight. The TLC alum says she uses a blood type diet and works out. Discover Christine from Sister Wives before and after weight loss.

If you are a fan of TLC reality shows, you might know Sister Wives and recognize Christine Brown. One of the wives of Kody Brown, on whom the show is based, Christine has gained quite the popularity as a reality star.

After being the topic of discussion as a part of a polygamist family, Christine’s weight loss is another matter of everyone’s interest.

Gaining her fame through the reality show, Christine Brown has been successful in establishing herself as a reality star and a social media persona. Documenting the life of a polygamist family that eventually becomes monogamous, Sister Wives is one of its own kind!

Premiering on September 26, 2010, the show features father Kody Brown, his four wives Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn, and their 18 children. Brown and his four wives said they were on the show to raise awareness about polygamist families and to challenge societal biases.

Brown claims that his polygamy is lawful because he is officially married to Robyn, while the others are “spiritual unions.”

Getting back to Christine Brown, after finally deciding to end her polygamous marriage, the star had a major glow up! So, here’s everything you need to know about Christine Brown’s weight loss.

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Christine Brown’s Weight Loss: Follow Brown on Her Massive Glow-up Journey!

Splitting with Kody in November of 2021, Christine Brown went through a huge glow-up surprising everyone who had been following her life. Looking good and feeling good, Christine is actually living the life of a reality star inspiring many through her transformation.

When the show first aired, Christine was pregnant thus appearing seemingly heavier. So, her transformation over the course was well expected by some, while it appeared surprising to the rest.

Just as Christine Brown posted a picture of herself in a dress, many began noticing the changes the star underwent. The very first thing that was noticed: Weight loss! Her fans and followers were quick to compliment her and her amazing modifications.

Comparing Christine’s picture from a while ago and now, huge and significant changes can be noted. When asked about the secret to her weight loss by one of her followers, Christine wrote, “I eat for my blood type and work out.”

Christine Brown also revealed that she studied many blogs and articles on the topic thus moving towards her weight loss journey.

As per the sources of her weight loss knowledge, In Touch Weekly revealed that Brown could be reading blogs based on Eat Right For Your Type, by Peter D’Adamo, a book on blood type diet.

Not yet popular but growing at a fast pace, a blood type diet is quite a new approach to weight loss. As explained by Robert H. Shmerling, though there is no proper or proven connection between blood type and weight loss, a blood type diet is one of the effective ways to keep weight in check.

D’Adamo claims that the foods you eat react chemically with your blood type. If you follow a diet designed for your blood type, your body will digest food more efficiently. Blood type diet is growing by the day with celebrities gradually promoting it.

Along with an exclusive diet, Christine Brown also indulges herself in workouts to maintain that fit physique. Not just working out but also encouraging her followers to live a healthy life, Brown occasionally posts her workout pictures and gives her words out to motivate others just like her.

With a picture of herself carrying a dumbbell, Christine writes, “You know why the majority of us don’t like to workout? One word. TIRED. We are always TIRED. No energy, blah feeling, just barely making it through the day. Am I right? But what if I told you it doesn’t have to be like that. Really! It doesn’t. You CAN have the energy to do all the things you want to do — the SECRET — is give your body what it needs (and no im not talking loads of caffeine). I mean real ingredients, vitamins, minerals & nutrients. You would be surprised on how good you’re really meant to feel. Really! I say…..prove me wrong ?”

Christine Brown not just underwent a massive transformation but is also motivating her followers to live healthy lives.

Brown writes, “Once you’ve been living with said health issues for a while, you think of it as your “normal” and start to believe this is just how you were designed to feel or chalk it up to, “I’m just getting older…this is normal. Once you’ve been living with said health issues for a while, you think of it as your “normal” and start to believe this is just how you were designed to feel or chalk it up to, I’m just getting older…this is normal” prompting everyone around her to adapt to mindful living.

Christine Brown was Terrified After Leaving Her Polygamous Marriage with Kody Brown, But Now is Living Happier Than Ever!

Finally splitting her 25-years rocky marriage with Kody Brown, Christine finally spoke her truth about the relationship. Speaking her part of the entire journey, Brown revealed that her relationship with Kody began to shift when she realized she had the power to say “no” to her husband and make her own choices.

The couple’s major cause of dispute appeared to be a lack of intimacy as well as jealousy. Christine Brown had always assumed she would be Kody’s last wife, but everything changed when he began seeing Robyn.

Both had forgotten how to communicate with one another, and Christine bottled up her anger as Kody walked away. She’s finally voicing her concerns and describing how she felt when she left Kody in Arizona.

In a podcast episode of Reality Life With Kate CaseyChristine Brown’s son Paedon Brown shared how Christine was “horrified” about the implications when she posted her message about her imminent divorce.

Christine’s 23-year-old son told listeners that his mother didn’t even check her social media until she saw how many of her admirers backed her decision.

In a matter of time, Christine Brown realized she didn’t have to be concerned about anyone’s reaction, including her soon-to-be ex-husband’s. In an exclusive talk with In Touch Weekly, Paedon revealed that his mother is ‘Happier’ after Leaving Kody and their polygamy lifestyle.

She is now minutes away from her two oldest daughters; Aspyn and Mykelti. And eventually, in the future, maybe more children will move up there, he added on how his mother is right now.

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