Reality Star Christina Anstead Had Multiple Plastic Surgery Operations – Learn Them All!


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Christina Anstead Had Several Plastic Surgery Operations

Here are all the facts you ought to know about Christina Anstead’s plastic surgery speculations.

Even one of the most attractive women in the world will find some flaws she feels the need to fix. This can undoubtedly relate to Christina Anstead (previously El Moussa) as well.

Christina is a prominent TV celebrity in the United States, most renowned for the reality series “Flip or Flop” that revolves around the real estate market. She presents the show with Tarek El Moussa, her ex-husband.

Christina Anstead’s Plastic Surgery Procedures

Christina Anstead before and after plastic surgery.

Christina Anstead before and after plastic surgery.
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Christina El Moussa has reportedly performed three plastic surgery procedures to enhance her fabulous body.

These days, the majority of celebrities undergo cosmetic surgery as it’s become pretty normal. However, the adjustments that are apparent in the appearance of Christina are often debated extensively on social media.

Christina, meanwhile, constantly struggled to embrace the reality of going under the knife and became reluctant to admit the transformation in her physique.

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Ant Anstead‘s partner underwent a series of improvements throughout the years.

As you can see in the before and after images, El Moussa’s physique has noticeably transformed. Whether it’s her breasts or her lips, she seems to have undergone a wonderful transition through plastic surgery operations.

Moreover, her face is free from wrinkles that make us suspect Botox injections. In addition, Christina is believed to have performed lip fillers and breast implants as well.

Breast Implants

Due to her TV popularity through the HGTV show Flip or Flop, along with her attractive body, a pretty smile, and a pleasant personality, Christina’s got a massive number of followers.

Viewers have noticed the form and scale of her breasts have changed a bit. On the other hand, Christina is a mother to two daughters, and several alterations in her body and her breasts, in particular, is pretty standard.

Numerous fans, however, claimed the improvements are too significant since her breasts are larger and appear enhanced. This evidence clearly suggests Christina performed breast augmentation surgery.

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And if that’s exactly what she did, there’s nothing odd about it. Television celebrities usually enhance their look, because their reputation and success rely on it.

The most vigorous speculation surrounding Tarek El Moussa’s ex-wife is breast enlargement. In fact, the evidence appears quite justifiable owing to the fact that the change in the scale of her bosom is startling.

In the past, the size of her breasts looked ordinary and failed to be as noticeable. They seem to have turned entirely into much larger ones, so they look much better than in the past. So, we definitely believe she has had implants.

Lip Work

Taylor and Brayden El Moussa‘s mother is believed to have had a lip job as well. Well, the best reason for this is her lips did not look as good in the past as they do now.

It looks pretty apparent Moussa made several minor adjustments to her lips. As a result, the suspected lip job looks much more likely to be real.

Botox Injections

Christina El Moussa is often speculated to have used Botox injections since her face looks to be in her 20s even though she is currently 37 years old. She’s got a far younger-looking face than her real age, which can only be achieved through plastic surgery.

The TV celeb, though, denies having injections and maintains the credit for her attractive appearing skin goes to her beautiful makeup and skin products.

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Anstead rejects the claim of implants and credits her appearance to makeup and skincare products. But even though those items claim to eliminate aging symptoms, most of them fail to do so. There’s a higher possibility she injected Botox on her face.

Christina Anstead Speaks About Co-Parenting with Tarek El Moussa During Quarantine

Christina Anstead talked to Scott Evans on Access Daily about her 11-month-old baby boy, Hudson, and how her family was dealing during the quarantine. She revealed the little tot just had his first haircut, adding, “Everything is getting a lot easier now that we’re approaching the first year.”

The “Christina on the Coast” star, who shares two children, Brayden, 4, and Taylor, 9, with ex-husband Tarek El Moussa, also opened up on co-parenting in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. She explained:

I feel like that’s been fine, that’s been the exact same. Everything we are doing is in the kids’ best interests and luckily, we live close together so we’re able to drive back and forth from each other’s houses easily and we work together. It’s all about communication.

Christina On The Coast airs on HGTV every Thursday at 9 p.m.

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