Christina Aguilera Weight Loss Journey – The Complete Story!


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Christina Aguilera Weight Loss Journey - The Complete Story!

Christina Aguilera, a well-renowned singer/actress, is one of the most fascinating women you’ll ever see. The 39-year-old artist has been in the entertainment business since she was eight years old and is now more involved in the field than ever before.

Becoming a pop star, though, comes at an expense. Yet Christina never shied away from flaunting her skin in all its shapes. We’ve always seen her as a slender, attractive, woman, but she’s experienced a lot of ups and downs in her life. It goes back to 2008 when the star delivered her first kid when life was bringing all-new obstacles as she embarked on a new job of ‘mom,’ which accompanied the unwelcome burden of adding weight.

Christina Aguilera Gained Weight Dramatically After Becoming a Mother in 2008

Although the news was thrilling and Christina Aguilera became a mother as the musician welcomed her first baby in January 2008, but what happened afterward became something unexpected for the singer following the birth of her first boy, son Max, from her former marriage to her ex-husband, Jordan Bratman. The entire process of the pregnancy was tough for the singer to retain her physique.

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Having failed to maintain her body, Christina Aguilera gained substantial weight. The artist, though, stayed optimistic despite the shifts. The artist said, “As a woman, I’m proud to embrace my body through all stages of life. Staying fearless and confident in surrendering to the unknowns the future has in store.”

Christina Aguilera Weight Loss Journey Began with ‘Burlesque’ in 2009

Christina Aguilera's weight loss for the movie Burlesque.

Christina Aguilera weight loss for the movie Burlesque.
Source: Daily Mail

In 2009, Christina Aguilera decided she needed to lose weight for her new project, a backstage musical film titled Burlesque.

The 39-year-old singer employed a successful trainer, Tee Sorge, to help her in her new weight loss journey. With Tee’s aid, the singer dropped those insane pounds and returned to her lean, beautiful figure. The singer acknowledged her weight loss made her feel attractive, comfortable, and more sophisticated.

During an interview, Christina revealed, “As you feel your body getting stronger, you become motivated to be in the gym. When you are defined, it’s sexy; I exercise because it makes me feel good.” Well, quite clearly, her confidence in the new frame was evident in the film ‘Burlesque.’

Christina Aguilera’s Roller Coaster Life

Burlesque actress, Christina Aguilera, gained weight following her first child and employed a celebrity trainer to remove all those fats. Yet unfortunately, when she was busy producing the movie, Burlesque, she was grappling in her relationship with her ex-husband, Jordan.

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In 2010, the former couple finally split, driving the singer away from darkness and pain, and to top it all, her film, Burlesque, struggled miserably in the box office. And as predicted, the actress received considerable backlash from the public, which brought more weight on her. She got pregnant again with Matt Rutler and welcomed a baby girl. It’s quite terrible to say this to someone who just welcomed a bundle of joy, but despite the birth of her baby, the singer had a tough year.

Christina Aguilera Joined ‘The Voice’ in 2011

While there was still a great deal of motivation for her to lose weight, Christina Aguilera had a very difficult time, which contributed to further weight gain. The singer quit the ‘The Voice’ panel of judges, but people never stopped criticizing her body.

Amid the abuse, the artist accepted her body and proceeded to pursue the stuff she needed to do. In an interview, the singer said, “The challenge I have always had is being too thin. So, I loved now I have a booty, and of course, I love showing my Cleavage.”

Even with her body-positive posts, people have never stopped bashing her weight, which has driven Christina Aguilera to lose weight for good this time. The actress has often spoken about how confident she is in her skin.

Yet others held conflicting opinions on her, which pushed her to lose weight for good. In 2013, she was on her quest to lose weight again, utilizing routine exercises and diets. Christina, who previously had trouble shedding weight, stirred up speculation when many speculated that she had gone for surgery to attain her beautiful figure.

As per her friend, “Christina did not get liposuction. She worked hard to change her eating habits.” And it’s true. Christina trained quite hard to achieve her toned body. Apparently, the singer took a break from the reality shows and strayed away from all the stresses that motivated her so drastically.

The actress emphasized that she had been more organized, attentive, and concentrated. Her weight reduction program was in place; the actress was conscious of healthier food choices as a necessary move towards the aim of weight loss.

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As per the reports, the singer’s diet included low-carbon items, including chicken and vegetables. Clearly, the singer focused on the foodservice to bring nutritious food straight to her bed.

In fact, doing meditation on a regular basis has benefited the artist significantly. And some sources also say that the singer went for weight loss vitamins like Garcinia Cambogia, to improve her vitality and burn fat, and probiotic in the evening to help her body get rid of toxins and drop weight easily.

Christina, with the aid of healthy foods, vitamins, and exercise, dropped a massive 50 pounds, which was the news headline. Well, what’s crucial is that the star has been able to regain her confidence and retain her reputation.

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