Chrissy Lampkin’s weight gain has been a hot topic over the years as she looks almost unrecognizable. Once she quit the gym, the 51-year-old star has been putting on a lot of weight. While many people have criticized her because of her appearance, Chrissy seems to be positive about her body shape.

Chrissy Lampkin is an actress, model, and reality show star from the United States. She is also the main cast member of Love & Hip Hop: New York in seasons one, two, and ten, and one of the show’s original four cast members. Lampkin, Jim Jones‘s girlfriend, and later fiancée was the central character of the first two seasons.

Chrissy was raised by her grandmother in Harlem after being separated from her parents at a young age. She had to learn self-preservation and the ins and outs of street life, according to her biography in the VH1 press materials. While the show never goes into great detail about Chrissy’s past, it was a source of gossip and speculation on blogs during the show’s run, with Chrissy reportedly having a long criminal history in credit card schemes, theft, robbery, and drug smuggling since she was 15 years old.

In the show, Chrissy was the original anti-heroic protagonist, sparking numerous fights and conflicts with Somaya, engaging in a bloody fight with Kimbella, and fighting with Yandy‘s replacement. During their time together, Nancy Jones famously recorded a diss song about Chrissy. Later, Lampkin reconciles with Kimbella and confronts Yandy is still her opponent.

And recently, Chrissy Lampkin seems to have gained some weight and many people have criticized her appearance and claimed her tummy appears large than before. And if you are looking for the same, here is everything you need to know about Chrissy’s weight gain!

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Chrissy Lampkin’s Weight Gain: As Seen on Her Instagram, the 51-Year-Old Star Loves Eating Junk Foods!

Over the years Chrissy Lampkin‘s (@chrissylampkin) body size and weight gain are frequently discussed on the internet. Looking at her young pictures, Lampkin appears to have been a plus-size black girl her entire life. When comparing Lampkin, 28, to her 51-year-old self, we can clearly see that she has gained weight and that changes in her thighs and shoulders are visible.

From the very first season of Love & Hip Hop: New York when Chrissy Lampkin was roughly in her 40s, she has been a cast member. Since that time, her life has been kind of an open book, and viewers of the show have experienced both her personal ups and downs as well as her weight ups and downs, largely downs as her weight increased during those years.

The reality star claimed that since the start of the show, her perception of her body image has drastically altered when asked about her weight gain. The difference between Chrissy Lampkin’s body at the beginning and the conclusion of the show should not have surprised anyone or been cause for shame, but regrettably, it has been used to repeatedly and viciously attack her confidence and self-esteem by persistently fat-shaming her.

It may be stated that Lampkin has little experience with weight-related difficulties. She has been working out since she was in high school, which is why she has always been a fit girl. She actually used to be a cheerleader, so she always exercised and kept up with her appearance without ever giving it a second thought.

She was the last person who should be having problems with her body image and receiving criticism because of her weight. But after a while of always being the skinny, fit girl who never skipped a workout, she made the decision to take a break from everything and relax.

At first, Chrissy Lampkin’s choice to stop going to the gym didn’t seem like a bad one. But as soon as she stopped going to the gym, she swiftly began putting on weight. In retrospect, she always thinks that this choice was not the greatest one because it was made at the incorrect moment.

The Love & Hip Hop: New York star also appears to have an eating disorder and enjoys her relationship with food. She enjoys junk food and chicken and has been seen posting food pictures on Instagram. Previously, she highlighted that rather than depriving ourselves of food in an effort to achieve a perfect figure, we should acknowledge the individuality of each body type. The celebrity uses social media to promote her positive relationship with food while being unconcerned about weight gain.

Her rapid weight increase was easy to notice because it was so noticeable. Everyone saw it, and many people never failed to let her know they had noticed she had quite a few extra pounds in a variety of ways, whether it was by offering her unwanted advice to lose some weight or by inquiring presumptuously about her pregnancy because she appeared to be so large.

After Chrissy Lampkin began to experience direct and occasionally indirect body-shaming, her weight gain became part of the reality show’s plot. Currently, Lampkin has come to enjoy her body and realize that she didn’t have to look a certain way or be the same size as she was when she was in her 40s.

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