‘Wonder Woman’ Actor Chris Pine’s Plastic Surgery Includes Botox & Eye Lift Surgery!


Chris Pine's plastic surgery includes Botox, eye lift surgery, and work on his lips and face.

Learn all the facts surrounding Chris Pine’s plastic surgery allegations with before and after pictures. The Steve Trevor actor on ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ reportedly had Botox and eye lift surgery. Did he get more work done on his lips and face?

Back in 2016, Chris Pine walked the red carpet for the launch of his upcoming movie at the time Hell or High Water, and viewers began speculating about potential plastic surgery!

The actor looked barely recognizable, and his wrinkle-free appearance hinted at Botox, at the very least.

Fast forward four years, Pine is hitting our screens once again as he reprises his role as Steve Trevor in the DC blockbuster Wonder Woman 1984 starring Gal Gadot.

This has once again prompted speculations of surgical enhancements. Is there any truth? Let’s find out.

Did Chris Pine Undergo Plastic Surgery?

The prominent American actor, Chris Pine, who reprised his role as Steve Trevor in the highly-anticipated 2020 superhero movie Wonder Woman 1984, has been linked to speculations of going under the knife and getting plastic surgery on his face just like his co-star Kristen Wiig.

Pine has never addressed the rumors of cosmetic surgery; perhaps he prefers to keep it under wraps on how he continues to look so young. However, he definitely appears to have made surgical enhancements.

Chris Pine before and after alleged plastic surgery on lips and face, most notably Botox.

Chris Pine before and after alleged plastic surgery on lips and face, most notably Botox.
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Chris Pine was implied to have undergone some form of plastic surgery because of how he never seems to age.

As you can see, the dashing actor’s face looks quite smooth and youthful as if he’s still 20. His cosmetic suggestions include eye lift surgery and Botox injections.

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Chris was rumored to have been using Botox injections on his face to appear much younger than his real age. To be fair, it seems to be partly valid given the fact that he is 40 years old and still displays young facial skin.

The area around his cheeks, glabella, and chin looks much finer as compared to the other regions of his face and body. This leaves us wondering if the star genuinely opted for plastic surgery procedures.

The ‘Star Trek’ actor is also suspected of having his eyes raised by cosmetic surgery.

He supposedly stripped the baggage from his lower eyelid and the extra skin from his upper eyelid, which provided him a youthful pair of eyes. And this is also somewhat fair because his eyes don’t seem to be aging as he gets older.

There’s not a lot of folding around Pine’s distinctive blue eyes, which is surprising. He appears to be defying the laws of nature since his eyes never grow old with time.

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The minimal bit of skin in his eyelid has gone, and the lower portion still has some baggage missing if we compare his before and after pictures.

His eyes are still pretty young that he doesn’t look like a guy almost in his 40s. He is thus believed to have performed plastic surgery on his eyelids.

Fans Often Discuss Chris Pine’s Alleged Plastic Surgery on Lips & Face

Ever since 2016, Chris Pine has been at the forefront of plastic surgery speculations as fans can’t help but wonder if he did something to his face.

Taking to Movie Chat Forums, a section of such fans discussed his “odd” looking newer appearance.

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One user wrote,

I just watched The Finest Hours. Something looked to be wrong with his face. He looked kinda odd – older, but as if some wrinkles were erased by some not very good plastic surgery.

Am I the only one who saw this? I mean he is only 35, guys 10 years older than him look younger.

Another user, though, was quick to refute the allegations.

I don’t get this whole thing, he looks perfectly fine to me his ageing perfectly.

he has a few grays that happens in people when they hit thirties, he still has a bit of a baby face when his clean shaven.

However, there were people who agreed with the OP. One such person wrote,

I’m not sure myself, there’s something about his face that’s always seemed strange, his upperlip. You can see it in several scenes in Star Trek, it looks

like his upperlip is just… off.

Likewise, the second said,

I noticed the same thing watching the Wonder Woman trailer. I also asked the same question in the comments for the trailer. Thats why i came here to see if anybody else noticed. Lol

A few noticed something off about his mouth region while another joked:

It’s the way he pouts. You can see it in interviews too when he’s bored. Haha. And he has really bad acne so if the makeup is off then you can see his ageing face.

Fans also noticed his scars had pretty much healed up. Meanwhile, we’re almost into 2021, and viewers are still split on whether or not Chris Pine went under the knife.

Chris Pine Claims He’s the Underdog in the Best Chris Debate

Chris may be one of the most popular names in the world, but it’s a name that has represented the film industry especially well over the last decade, with Hemsworth, Evans, Pine, and Pratt among the best talents in the industry.

Obviously, it helps that the quartet are all exceptionally attractive physical specimens with a series of blockbuster hits under their belts, but the Great Chris Battle is apparently going to continue indefinitely as viewers try to determine which one is the best of the lot.

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On the grounds of recent developments, it would seem Mr. Pratt is lagging well behind his peers, having been the newest victim of cancel culture since being accused of being a conservative racist homophobe, even though there’s no evidence to support those arguments.

Hemsworth and Evans, respectively, are just as good as they are, and Pine is frequently misunderstood in certain quarters as he’s never featured in the MCU.

However, he is a big presence in the DCEU, amid a pretty dubious return in Patty Jenkins‘ latest movie Wonder Woman 1984. In a recent interview as a part of the movie promotion, he bantered about the burden that comes with being among Hollywood’s four major Chrises, stating:

I feel like I’m the underdog right now so I’ll take all the support I can get. Those damn Chrises man, I just, it’s either change my name or really just step it up.

The 40-year-old can be witnessed next in the action thriller Violence of Action (2020), a psychological horror film Don’t Worry Darling (2021), and the book adaptation movie All the Old Knives (TBD) as he attempts to assert that being a Hollywood Chris isn’t just about action films, abs, and chiseled jaws.

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