Cheryl Hines’ plastic surgery is the latest topic of discussion on the internet. Fans believe that the Curb Your Enthusiasm actress has had Botox, facelift, cheek fillers, nose job, and breast implants as they compare her before and after pictures, the differences in which are very minimal. Cheryl Hines has not responded to the fans’ speculation about plastic surgery.

Cheryl Hines is an American actress who is mostly known for her portrayal of  Larry David’s wife, Cheryl, on HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm. For her performance in the role of Cheryl in the sitcom, she has been nominated for two Emmy Awards in the category of Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series. She is also much recognized for starring as Dallas Royce on the ABC sitcom Suburgatory. She is also a director now that she has made a directorial debut in 2009 with the movie Serious Moonlight. She has received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The actress was born on September 21, 1965, in Miami Beach, Florida to James and Rosemary Hines. Though a part of her family was from Frostproof, Florida, she was raised in Tallahassee. Throughout high school, she was affiliated with the Young Actors Theatre. She later went to Lively Technical Center and Tallahassee Community College in Tallahassee. After finishing college, she attended West Virginia University and Florida State University before graduating from the University of Central Florida.

Now that the second season of The Flight Attendant has premiered, in which Cheryl Hines portrayed the character of Dot Karlson, she has now become the newest target of speculations about plastic surgery. People especially look for before and after pictures as they wonder by which plastic surgery procedure has she altered her face, or if she has altered her face at all.

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Cheryl Hines’ Plastic Surgery: Speculations About Botox, Fillers, Facelift, Nose Job, and Breast Implants!

Cheryl Hines (@_cherylhines) is thought to have undergone plastic surgery including Botox, facelift, cheek fillers, and breast implants.

A recent appearance of Cheryl Hines on Jimmy Kimmel Live has sparked the speculations about the plastic surgery she ‘most likely’ had once again. This was not the first time it happened and this is definitely not going to be the last time,  one can tell.

Ever since the Curb Your Enthusiasm actress hit her 50s, the level of scrutiny she has been facing when it comes to physical appearance has increased tenfold, you would think that people are expecting her to crack under the pressure of staying beautiful and looking young forever right in the face of aging and examining if she takes the aid of plastic surgery to delay aging.

And with that intense scrutiny, they were bound to spot some differences in her which they have chalked up to plastic surgery. Even though if you compare her pictures now to the pictures of the past six years, you might not see much change in them. Not drastic ones, at least. But fans have already come to believe that she has taken the aid of plastic surgery to counter the effects of aging.

Cheryl Hines is believed to have had Botox injections. Though if that is true then, it must have been a small dose and just on the forehead because you can still see crow’s feet around her eyes. And her forehead is just devoid of wrinkles but it does not look unnatural or waxy. Plus, her laugh lines seem to be decreasing as well. Earlier, the actress used to have a lot of laugh lines on her cheeks compared to now.

Some people also believe that the Suburgatory actor has had a facelift. However, this one’s a bit hard to believe because there had been no overnight changes in her face. Her face does not appear to be much stretched out and taut like facelift’s effects. The most change on her face, which is to mean cheeks, is like I already pointed out, decreasing laugh lines.

Cheryl Hines also supposedly had cheek fillers. Though, at this point, it could be that the fans are just bored and listing all the plastic surgery procedures. Because she always had a bit prominent cheekbones. Also, a nose job is much talked about but her nose doesn’t seem to have changed. Anyway, among others, the Serious Moonlight director definitely seemed to have breast implants as her chest used to be much smaller before.

So, all in all, Cheryl Hines is said to have undergone plastic surgery like Botox, facelift, nose job, breast implants, and cheek fillers. However, these guesses are just that – guesses people have made while looking at the vaguest before and after pictures of plastic surgery. These rumors have not been confirmed by the actress herself.

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