Celeste Barber’s Weight Loss in 2023: Fans Wonder How the Wellmania Star Succeeded in Losing So Much Weight!


Celeste Barber’s Weight Loss in 2023: Fans Wonder How the Wellmania Star Succeeded in Losing So Much Weight!

Celeste Barber has undergone a significant weight loss transformation in 2023 and her few fans seem to be disappointed with it. While the Wellmania star has not revealed how she was able to achieve her current physique, some fans have been criticizing her for not having confidence in her old body.

Wellmania is an Australian comedy series created by Brigid Delaney and Benjamin Law, which follows the story of Liv Healy. As a young food blogger, her life philosophy appears to be straightforward: live fast, die young. However, after a major health crisis and the possibility of becoming a reality TV judge, Liv decides to make drastic changes and try every method available to help her recover as quickly as possible.

Needless to say, the task is difficult and provides viewers with numerous memorable moments to enjoy. In addition, the show stars comedian/actress Celeste Barber in the lead role, along with JJ Fong, Genevieve Mooy, and Lachlan Buchanan.

Talking about Celeste Barber’s appearance, her stunning photo from an Australian Open party previously went viral this year. The TV star was one of many celebrities at a star-studded party at the Australian Open finals, and her new lean look drew everyone’s attention where the comedian wore a khaki midi dress, and white sneakers, and her hair was tied back loosely. As a result, many people have been wanting to know about her weight loss story in 2023. Well, we’ve got you covered.

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Celeste Barber’s Weight Loss in 2023: The Wellmania Star Has Completely Transformed Her Body and Some Fans Appear to Be Disappointed With Her New Appearance!

Celeste Barber‘s (@celestebarber) weight loss discussion began to circulate following her appearance at the Australian Open party in Jan 2023 where social media users accused her of selling out because she appeared attractive. Where one commenter stated: “Shame. I particularly liked how real her body confidence was.” And another user voiced their displeasure by writing, “Celeste Barber will be able to release videos lampooning Celeste Barber pretty soon.”

Celeste Barber before and after weight loss.

Celeste Barber before and after weight loss.
Source: WEIGHT&Skin

While the Wellmania star has not made any remarks on how she was able to lose so much weight, she appears to be losing touch with her fans because many people thought she looked pretty in her previous body shape.

Similarly, people immediately accused her of being a hypocrite for using Photoshop because she looked so good in her lean appearance. The Women’s Magazine‘s editor, Nicky Briger, stated in her editor’s letter that Celeste had specifically requested that no airbrushing be done: Briger wrote,

Celeste pulled me aside. ‘Look, I don’t want any retouching, OK? I like the way I look.

Why is it so shocking that Celeste is simply a beautiful woman who can look stunning thanks to lighting, styling, and make-up? In Celeste’s case, the online version shows her not looking her best, which is unusual, isn’t it? We all want to show the best version of ourselves on Instagram, but Celeste has made a career out of making people laugh at her body.

Celeste Barber dresses in underwear that is too small for her and performs silly dances impersonating supermodels; she mocks the airbrushed images we are fed; she doesn’t hide her cellulite or flat stomach; and she happily contorts her body into unflattering positions for the sake of the joke.

Celeste Barber's latest appearance.

Celeste Barber’s latest appearance.
Source: Instagram

We find the Wellmania star hilarious because she looks relatable and reminds us of ourselves, but make no mistake, the woman was always hot even before undergoing weight loss transformation. Maybe everyone is just surprised she looks hot because we live in such social media-obsessed times that the idea of a woman not putting her best self out there is too much for us to bear. So, somewhere along the way, everyone assumed Celeste was always wearing too-tight underwear bottoms that poked into her skin.

But, no, Celeste Barber has nice dresses that fit her well, as well as a hairbrush and concealer, and when she puts all of that together, she does look different than the version of herself she shows online, but make no mistake, the 40-year-old star has always been hot – you just might be slow to notice.

Additionally, she was previously scammed by a weight loss advertising scam a few years ago. Scammers used her photos without her permission. After learning from a follower that their strange diet patch commercial had used her photo as a before picture, the 40-year-old took to Twitter to criticize the retailer. At that time, she tweeted,

Hey  @WishShopping what’s this all about? You can’t use my photos especially to sell body shaming products.m!