Carter Rubin’s Weight Loss Secrets: Where is The Voice Season 19 Winner Now?

Chloe Sanchez

Carter Rubin's Weight Loss Secrets: Where is The Voice Season 19 Winner Now?

Carter Rubin’s weight loss in 2021 is quite impressive. The Voice Season 19 winner was coached by Gwen Stefani – where is he now? Learn Carter Rubin’s secrets to weight loss, along with before and after pictures.

Winning the hearts of many with his soulful voice and marvelous talent, The Voice Season 19 winner Carter Rubin is making headlines now with his amazing transformation.

Winning the show at the early age of 15, Carter was coached by Gwen Stefani and won the season on December 15, 2020.

The singer’s recent appearance in The Voice Season 21 shocked many. While his Instagram followers were updated with the young singer’s current transformation, many were unaware of the change and are now curious to know what led Carter Rubin to lose weight.

Carter Rubin’s Weight Loss: From a Chubby 15-Year-Old to a Handsome Hunk!

Carter Rubin before and after weight loss.

Carter Rubin before and after weight loss.
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Following his first public appearance in 2020 on the stage of The Voice to his recent pictures on his Instagram, Carter Rubin underwent one amazing transformation.

A chubby and cute 15 years old conquering the world with his eloquent voice, Rubin is now set to win the hearts of many with his stunning looks.

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Comparing the extraordinary singer’s pictures of 2020 from his days on The Voice to his recent ones, Carter Rubin’s weight loss looks quite significant. Following his journey through his Instagram post, the singer’s transformation was slow and steady.

The star began appearing slimmer in February of 2021. His weight loss appeared more significant when he posted a video of himself singing on his Instagram. While many were allured by his mesmerizing voice, few noticed that he was losing weight.

Spending almost all of his time in his music, Carter made sure to keep himself healthy and in shape too. A picture of him posted in June of 2021 showed a taller and comparatively slimmer Carter. This time many noticed the change and complimented the alluring artist for his great look.

It wasn’t until October of 2021 when Carter posted a picture of himself in his Halloween costume showing off his snatched jawline. He lost a significant amount of weight over the years and fans have been loving his recent look. The secret to his weight loss? Workout and balanced diet.

Though the talented artist hasn’t revealed how much weight he lost or what motivated him to lose his weight significantly, it’s quite apparent that he is passionate to live a healthy life and maintain his body image.

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Losing his body fat and toning his physique, Carter’s weight loss is being loved by the fans and they have been showering him with admiration.

His recent snap with Ariana Grande and his former coach Gwen Stefani on the set of The Voice season 21 was the show snatcher. Many noticed how different he looked from the last time he was on stage.

Looking happier and healthier, many are happy that Carter is taking care of himself through healthy life choices and taking care of his fans through his incredible music.

Carter Rubin Returned to the Stage of The Voice with His Newest Single Horoscope

It’s been about a year since confetti poured down on stage as NBC’s The Voice winner Carter Rubin was announced.

Since winning the show, Carter has been tirelessly working on his music. Working on the studio recording of his new song since June of 2021, Carter Rubin grew as an artist over the period of a year.

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Releasing his single Horoscope on October 23, 2021, the album has been liked by many and appreciated by Carter’s former coach Gwen Stefani. “I love this song Horoscope,” she says on a video. “You need to stream, download, listen, dance, make Tik Tok videos, anything you can do.”

Carter recorded the song in a Westchester studio earlier this year while simultaneously participating in virtual training sessions with Trelawny Rose, the head voice coach from The Voice, from the comfort of his own home.

The talented young artist recorded the song as part of Republic Records. The grand prize for winning the show was a recording contract as well.

The Shoreham teen who wowed fans a year ago played his new track, Horoscope, on Tuesday night’s event in Top 10 elimination. One of the most celebrated and young artists of The Voice, his return on the stage was nostalgic to many.

The episode aired on November 30 at 8 p.m. with Carter, 16,  performing live. It marked his very first live performance of the new single.

With the release of the song and its music video in October of 2021, the song swiftly gained massive success. Hitting #9 on the pop charts, Carter took it to his Instagram and expressed his gratitude.

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With a snippet of the chart he writes, “#9 ON THE POP CHARTS ?? UR JOKING. thank u thank u thank u this is all because of u. LET’S KEEP IT GOING! keep streaming & downloading, I love u all ?”.

With a huge potential to grow and the love and support of his fans, Carter Rubin will soon be coming with new bangers.

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