Sweet Magnolias: Brooke Elliott’s Weight Loss in 2022 Explored!


Sweet Magnolias: Brooke Elliott's Weight Loss in 2022 Explored!

Brooke Elliott’s weight loss in 2022 is quite noticeable after she reprised her role as Dana Sue on Sweet Magnolias. Grab details of Brooke Elliott’s diet plan and fitness routine, along with before and after pictures.

Best known for her role as Jane Bingum on the Lifetime series Drop Dead Diva, Brooke Elliott is a well-known actress and singer.

Appearing in musical theatres like the US tours of Beauty and the Beast, Wicked, and the Broadway productions of Taboo and The Pirate Queen, Brooke Elliott is a renowned face. Elliott’s weight loss is another thing talked about other than her incredible talent.

Born in Fridley, Minnesota, to Robert Elliott and Kathleen Elliott, on November 16, 1974, Brooke always had a passion for singing. Her career in the entertainment biz began in 1999 when she was a member of the Chicago-based stage combat theatre company Babes With Blades.

When her first film role was in the Mel Gibson film What Women Want in 2000, Elliott’s most recent work include a leading role on the 2019 Netflix drama series Sweet Magnolias.

A curvy actress who is in love with her curves, Brooke took pride in being a plus-sized actress. Her weight loss is obviously to be talked about due to the very reason. So, here’s everything we know about Brooke Elliott’s weight-loss saga.

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Brooke Elliott’s Weight Loss: An Inspiration to Plus-sized Women, Is Brooke Now Inspiring Many to Lose Their Weight?

An influential figure for many women out there, Brooke Elliott is one of the praised plus-sized actresses. She has always taken pride in being the size and acknowledges how many women look the same as her in the USA. But what could have motivated her to lose some pounds?

Looking back at Brooke Elliott’s picture and comparing it with today, the weight loss looks significant. She appears comparatively slimmer and more toned.

Brooke Elliott has lost quite the facial fat as well and now appears to have a more toned face. Though her exact weight loss amount is not known, nor she has revealed the motive behind it, Brooke’s journey sure does look inspiring.

The image in the promotion of season 4 of Drop Dead Diva was the one that created all this buzz for Elliott. While many thought it could all just be photoshop, the rest wondered how did she lose those pounds.

The lingering question of what motivated her also remains unanswered. Many speculate it could be for her new role, rest think it’s just the actress’s desire to maintain a beautiful body and healthy life.

Talking about what Brooke Elliott did to lose weight, it’s a whole different mystery. The Drop Dead actress hasn’t revealed her secret yet. To lose such significant weight, Brooke surely took help from professionals.

She must have hired a celebrity coach to help her fight her unhealthy habits which cause weight gain. Following the diet with workout, Brooke has gained an incredible weight loss journey.

The Success Story of Brooke Elliott: Here’s How She Came to be One of the Loved Actresses

Beginning her career as a member of Chicago-based stage combat theatre company Babes With Blades, Brooke’s career began with theater. Her first-ever professional theater role was as the Sugar Bowl in the US touring version of Beauty and the Beast. 

It wasn’t just theater she wanted to try! Brooke has her eyes of broadway too. She credits her role in Taboo to Rosie O’Donnell. Rosie subsequently described Brooke Elliott as “fresh off a Disney Cruise,” yet she was given a second chance.

It’s also much said how Elliott spent $117 on new clothing and make-up to make herself more suitable for the role; O’Donnell compensated Elliott after she was cast in the play.

The production ended after barely a hundred performances, but O’Donnell applauded Brooke Elliott’s dedication to the project thereafter. Eventually, Brooke left a mark in the broadway world as well.

With Mel Gibson’s film being her first film ever, the door to Brooke’s career was wide open. She was eventually featured in her first television series Law & Order: Trial by Jury. In 2009, Elliott was cast in Lifetime’s Drop Dead Diva as Jane Bingum, the main character.

A beautiful leading lady, who can do the humor and drama, Elliott was characterized as “convincing, and even affecting, at every turn” by The New York Times after the pilot, and by the Los Angeles Times as “a stage actress with fantastic comic timing and enormous dramatic range.”

Elliott featured alongside Katey Sagal in the CBS comedy pilot Upper Middle Bogen in 2016, which was based on the Australian series though it was not ordered to be made into a series.

In 2018, she landed a role in Bobby Bowman’s ABC comedy pilot about a dysfunctional family dealing with mental illness. Serving incredible performance, Elliott had till then become one of the beloved actresses and is still one!

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