Bloveslife’s Weight Gain in 2023: Surgery or Health Problems? The Real Reason Behind Her Overweight Appearance!

Chloe Sanchez

Bloveslife’s Weight Gain in 2023: Surgery or Health Problems? The Real Reason Behind Her Overweight Appearance!

Bloveslife’s weight gain appearance in 2023 has shocked everyone and the 48-year-old YouTuber recently addressed the reason behind it. She told that she is in her menopause ever since she underwent endometrial ablation surgery. She also added that she does not have any health problems despite being overweight. Additionally, Bloveslife claims to be happy with how she looks and is not concerned about what people say.

Bloveslife (real name: Bethany Gaskin) is a popular YouTuber and social media personality known for her videos featuring her eating large amounts of seafood and other foods. She is based in the United States and has gained a large following on social media due to her engaging personality, humor, and her unique style of eating.

Bloveslife’s YouTube channel features videos where she interacts with her family and friends while enjoying food, and she also shares her thoughts on various topics in her vlogs. She currently has over 3 million subscribers on her YouTube channel as well as 1.2 million followers on Instagram.

Despite not being a professional chef, her videos on culinary challenges and recipes quickly became popular with viewers. She doesn’t only post about food and her culinary experiences; she also shares videos about therapy, vlogging, and beauty.

In the past few months, Bloveslife’s appearance has changed a lot. She does not look the same anymore because of her massive weight gain. Viewers have been questioning and attacking her in the comment section of her videos. As a result, Blovelife recently posted a video addressing her weight gain. Well, let’s discuss what she actually told in the video in detail.

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Bloveslife’s Weight Gain: The 48-Year-Old Youtuber Admits That She Looks Overweight, However, Is Happy With the Way She Looks!

No doubt, Bloveslife (@bloveslife2) does not look the same in 2023 as she used to look a few years ago. Comparing her before and after pictures, some people not be able to even recognize her as the same person because of her massive weight gain. Fed up with all the comments and weight loss tips, the YouTuber recently posted a video on her YouTube channel addressing her weight gain and hair.

Firstly, Bloveslife admits that she looks much heavier and has gained a lot of weight in recent months. However, the 48-year-old star quickly addressed that she is happy with how she looks. She is not concerned with anybody’s opinions. She revealed that she does not have any health problems like diabetes or blood pressure.

Later, she finally disclosed the real reason behind her weight gain transformation. Bloveslife said that she has been gaining weight because she is going through menopause after she underwent endometrial ablation. It is a surgery that removes the uterine lining. The endometrium is the term for the uterus lining. Reduced menstrual flow, often known as period bleeding, is the objective of endometrial ablation. Menstrual flow may entirely halt in certain persons.

Despite not giving any attention to what people say about her being overweight, she sometimes does glance at comments on her videos. Seeing all the negative comments, she gets even more strength in doing what makes her happy. On the other hand, she is thankful to everyone concerned about her appearance and health. She requests everyone who is genuinely concerned about her to do nothing but just pray for her.

Additionally, she also added that she is living her life right now and is not gonna change anything about it. It’s pretty clear what Bloveslife has to say about her weight gain appearance. And we should appreciate her for doing whatever makes her happy despite so much negative feedback.

Here’s Why You Gain Weight During Menopause!

It’s possible that as you age, keeping your normal weight gets more challenging. In fact, a lot of women put on weight during the transition to menopause. Weight gain during menopause is not, however, unavoidable. By being mindful of good eating practices and having an active lifestyle, you can turn things around.

You may be more likely to gain weight in your abdomen than your hips and thighs as a result of the hormonal changes brought on by menopause. Yet, menopausal weight gain isn’t always brought on by hormonal changes alone. Instead, age, as well as lifestyle and genetic variables, are often linked to weight growth.

For example, whereas fat tends to rise with aging, muscle mass normally decreases. Your body consumes calories more slowly when you have less muscular mass (metabolism). The maintenance of a healthy weight may become more difficult as a result. You’re likely to put on weight if you keep eating the same things you always have and don’t boost your physical activity.

Weight gain during menopause may also be influenced by genetic factors. You are likely to do the same if your parents or other close relatives are overweight in the midsection. Menopause weight gain may also be influenced by other elements including inactivity, poor eating habits, and insufficient sleep. Those who don’t get enough sleep tend to eat more calories and snack more frequently.

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