Blake Shelton’s Weight Loss: Is It Gummies, Drink or Diet?


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Blake Shelton’s Weight Loss: Is It Gummies, Drink or Diet?

Blake Shelton’s weight loss is a global inspiration for those attempting to slim down. During the pandemic, he gained a lot of weight. The singer suffered a minor heart attack and realized he needed to take control of his health after the scare and embarked on a weight loss journey. He attributed his success to changes in his lifestyle, gummies, exercise, and diet plans.  

Blake Shelton’s weight-loss journey has been incredible, and the singer has become more open about his commitment to a healthier lifestyle. He has lost weight since joining NBC’s famous singing competition show The Voice in 2011.

Shelton also made headlines for his transformation, which he announced to the public during an interview on Stephen Colbert’s Late Show before marrying fellow musician Gwen Stefani. Here’s everything you need to know about Blake Shelton’s weight loss transformation.

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Blake Shelton Attributes His Weight Loss to Lifestyle Changes, Gummies, Exercise, and a Shift in His Meal Plans

Fans have been asking how Blake Shelton’s (@blakeshelton) weight loss since photos from his and Gwen Stefani’s wedding surfaced, showing Shelton has lost weight. Some critics believe his weight loss is solely for the wedding. His weight has fluctuated for years, and he’s been labeled fat by the media several times. He spent quarantine with Gwen and her children on his Oklahoma ranch before moving her children to a new home for the start of the school year. This is when Shelton began to gain weight.

During his quarantine, he developed bad habits such as binge eating, over-snacking, and excessive drinking. He gained a lot of weight as a result of his habits, especially since he wasn’t working or touring at the time due to the pandemic. Finally, the American country music singer suffered a minor heart attack. He realized he needed to take charge of his health after the scare. Kelly Clarkson recommended Blake try the Keto diet. He claims that Keto has helped him lose weight and that he is now in the best shape of his life.

Blake Shelton before and after weight loss.Blake Shelton before and after weight loss.
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However, the 46-year-old singer wasn’t feeling well and noticed that he was gaining weight over time. He wanted to look good as a public figure, especially since his wedding to Gwen was approaching. He promised his friends and family that he would lose weight and shed 30 pounds by working hard and remaining disciplined in his life.

Blake Shelton and his wife Gwen Stefani in 2020.Blake Shelton and his wife Gwen Stefani in 2020.
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The Voice judge enlisted the assistance of a professional trainer to help him lose weight. Blake created a well-balanced diet plan with his assistance. He began to avoid unhealthy foods such as fast food, processed foods, and anything containing a high number of calories. He began to pay attention to how many calories he consumed per day.

Likewise, the musician evaded fried foods on his menu the majority of the time. He wouldn’t eat it whether it was prepared outside or in his kitchen. Blake describes himself as a country boy who prefers simple cooking. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for him, and he begins with eggs fried in coconut oil or oatmeal with flaxseeds and blueberries.

The television personality’s dinner was a lot of fun because he decided on seafood for dinner. Shelton also used Garcinia Cambogia gummies. The supplement contains hydroxy citric acid, which inhibits an enzyme called citrate lyase that your body uses to make fat. He dislikes dieting and lives a healthy lifestyle on his ranch. Similarly, he enjoys simple meals like grilled chicken breast or fish with vegetables.

Shelton worked hard on more than just his diet. He also had a well-thought-out workout regimen. That would begin the moment he awoke in the morning. Blake used to get up early every morning and go for an hour-long walk. He also joined a gym to exercise. But, as it is, he does not enjoy sweating for hours in a small space.

As a result, Blake Shelton limited his gym visits to four days per week. And after completing all of his workouts, he would take his tiredness to the punching bag for 10 to 15 minutes. Blake’s trainer’s main focus was on doing exercises that maximized the fat-burning process. In his own words, the star attributes his successful weight loss transformation to lifestyle changes, gummies, exercise, and a shift in his meal plans.