Biz Markie’s Weight Loss Journey – The Full Story


Here’s everything you need to know about Biz Markie’s dramatic weight loss.

Hip Hop artist Marcel Theo Hall, better known as Biz Markie, is struggling for survival since dealing with a critical illness in the hospital for weeks now.

Although we are hoping for him to come out of it all safe and happy, this is not the first time the 56-year-old has been in such a precarious scenario.

The ‘Clown Prince of Hip Hop’ proved to be a brilliant artist, and his 1989 song ‘Just a Friend’ was the Top 40 success in numerous countries.

Besides music, Biz Markie has been burning the midnight oil over the years to maintain his physical fitness since he lost more than 100 lbs in the past.

The rapper remains an inspiring icon for all those out there who do their hardest to reduce their weight and improve their wellbeing. Hoping that the singer will soon be safe, we’re taking you next to his incredible weight loss journey.

Biz Markie’s Weight Loss – How Did He Lose Over 140 Pounds?

Biz Markie before and after weight loss.

Biz Markie before and after weight loss.
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All fitness fans need not be told how tough it is to eliminate a single pound. Biz Markie is undoubtedly an outstanding individual who managed to lose more than 140 pounds in two years.

Although exercise and nutrition methods remain normal to drop a few pounds, the game-changer for the seasoned rapper was his commitment and willingness to get fitter.

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And though Markie had lost 140 pounds by 2014, he had an incredibly strong desire to shed another 30 pounds. The singer was deeply worried about his health, and 244 was already comparatively higher and at risk of contracting illnesses.

Biz became a mainstay at the fitness center and did some intensive work-out drills and ran on the treadmill for hours to get all the fat removed out of his body. The 56-year-old himself has revealed how he is sticking to a ‘overall diet.’

Markie also shared how he opted to drink Zevia instead of regular sodas because it was relatively organic. He has avoided consuming as he used to in the past, something he called ‘nuts.’

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Ironically, Biz Markie used to enjoy Entenmann’s entire cake at one point, and half a gallon of milk in the past. When it comes to giving advice, he provided three tips, ‘clean, more water in your diet, and either walk or exercise.’

Why Did Biz Markie Undergo Weight Loss?

For a meal-lover like Biz Markie, it’s not in his best interest to strive towards weight loss. In fact, it was a pressured decision for the rap icon following his diagnosis with type 2 diabetes in 2012.

This was why it occurred to him that his future was at considerable risk. In an interview with ABC News, he made a daring declaration with ‘I wanted to live’ as the key justification for weight loss.

Since Biz was born with diabetes, he did not have a number of choices, other than dropping a few pounds. If he did not make any alterations to his lifestyle, the condition would be much worse.

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For the 56-year-old, the primary goal was to get away from the Diabetes meds, and it was midway through his goals by 2014.

When the health professionals warned him that he might even lose his legs or other parts of his body, he was quite terrified, and he got more serious in his quest to get thinner.

Who is Biz Markie?

The American musician and beatboxer, Biz Markie, is widely known for his classic hip hop song ‘Just a Friend.’ He recorded five solo records, but his ode to deceptive women was his biggest hit, landing number nine in the U.S. Hot 100.

Prior to his fame, Markie initially gained prominence as a spotlighted beatboxer on songs like ‘Def Fresh Crew.’

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As for his personal life, Biz Markie was raised with his five siblings in Egg Harbor, New Jersey. The rapper most notably featured in Men in Black II, starring Will Smith.

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