‘Bling Empire’ Anna Shay Before Plastic Surgery is Trending on the Internet


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Bling Empire's Anna Shay before plastic surgery is a top trend on Google.

All the facts behind Bling Empire’s Anna Shay before plastic surgery procedures. The Netflix star has performed Botox injections, facelift, and fillers.

Before her grand arrival on Bling Empire, which is being branded as Selling Sunset meets Crazy Rich Asians, Anna Shay was practically non-existent on Google, although she was renowned in the Los Angeles world.

The only daughter of a billionaire father and Japanese-American mother, Shay grew up highly blessed. Her son, Kenny Kemp, 27, made his own waves for his large array of five-figure glass pipes used to smoke pot.

Still, considering her net worth and penchant for shutting down entire jewelry stores in Paris, Anna claims she’s not sure she is fascinating enough to feature in a reality show.

Anna Shay Before Plastic Surgery – When Did the ‘Bling Empire’ Star Go Under the Knife?

Anna Shay is at the forefront of plastic surgery speculations on the internet ever since she appeared on the brand-new Netflix reality show. So, is there any truth to those claims?

Shay previously admitted she didn’t realize what she was walking into when she signed to be part of Bling Empire, a recent Netflix television show featuring the ultra-rich Angelos of Asian descent.

'Bling Empire' star Anna Shay before plastic surgery is trending on the internet.

‘Bling Empire’ star Anna Shay before plastic surgery is trending on the internet.
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Initially, when her friend (and executive producer) Jeff Jenkins confronted her with an offer, Anna figured Jenkins needed her support behind the scenes.

Anna told Oprah Mag,

The next thing I knew, I was sitting in front of the camera. I’m really quite shy, so it was hard. I never thought about doing this, especially at my age.

But now that she’s in front of the camera, the reality star is getting more attention than she had probably bargained for.

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Just like her co-stars Christine Chiu and Kim Lee, Shay too is the subject of plastic surgery lately. The fact that she’s unbelievably rich with a great appearance even at the age of 60, it’s only normal to assume some form of cosmetic enhancements.

While it’s not obvious the precise plastic surgery procedures she’s undergone, our experts reckon Shay has performed Botox injections, facelift, and fillers.

Who is Anna Shay?

There are mysterious reality stars, and then there’s Anna Shay from Netflix’s new show Bling Empire. The moment we meet her, the millionaire—or is she a billionaire? —Heiress takes a jackhammer to her walk-in wardrobe while carrying a balloon.

She’s on her way to a dance, so, of course, why not tear down the pesky wall first? If you’ve watched the Bravo show Southern Charm, Shay’s kind of like the Bling Empire version of Patricia Altschul.

She’s older than the other cast members, she hosts parties, she rewards others with lavish presents and even attempts to fix their love lives.

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The details we get from Shay on the program just makes her look more enigmatic. Kane Lim explains,

Anna Shay’s half Japanese and half Russian and super, super-wealthy. Her money comes from weapons. Her father sells bombs, guns, defense technology, and it’s worth a few billion.

We also discover she was socially alienated initially, but now she’s back into the limelight.

In the premiere episode, Shay takes a casting member to her dream restaurant for her birthday… Well, that’s in Paris. She becomes a stand-in flight attendant during the flight, as she says:

My father really never wanted me to have a job.

By episode 2, she’s getting nude in front of the camera while Dior is getting fitted at her home. In episode 3, a cast member discovers a penis pump in her bathroom and shows it to everybody.

Shay’s response:

This is not a ‘screw you’ situation, this is a ‘f&&k you’ situation.

In the 4th episode, she reveals she was married and divorced four times. All along, her silent voice feels like Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada (2006).

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A Brief Look Into Anna Shay’s Family

Though there is no further explanation in the show, Anna Shay is Edward Shay‘s daughter. Edward is the founder of Pacific Architects and Engineers, the intelligence and military contractor.

Her late father formed the organization in 1955, as per its website, as an architects and engineers firm aiding the U.S. government’s effort to restore Asia’s development following the Second World War.

The official site describes the organization as:

With a legacy of exceptional contract performance ratings in aviation, capacity-building and stabilization, critical infrastructure, expeditionary logistics, identity and information management solutions, integrated security solutions, test and training ranges, training solutions and more, our seven business teams deliver our portfolio of services.

In 2006, Shay and her brother sold the billion-dollar company to Lockheed Martin.

The mother of Shay, Ai-San Shay, passed away in 2015. Her obituary mentions she was Japanese with a Russian grandfather. Edward was American, but it seems like Lim’s description of Shay’s history wasn’t completely true.

Shay doesn’t shed much light on her life in public—which might change now that she’s a reality star on Netflix—but she was featured in Genlux magazine in 2015.

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Responding to the magazine’s query, she said she had six Labradors, that her favorite locations were Rome, Paris, and Florence, and that she began playing piano at the age of 3.

Anna Shay also spoke about becoming a member of the Board of Directors of the George Lopez Foundation. She reflected on her affection for her family, particularly her son, Kenny Kemp, who was seen momentarily on Bling Empire.

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