Andy Ruiz Jr. is an American professional boxer who is coming to controversy for his sudden slimmer looks after a massive weight loss journey. Did Andy suffer from any illness or did he actually undergo any serious weight loss routines? Reddit wonders about Andy Ruiz’s diet and weight loss photos in 2022.

Wrestling? Aren’t we all excited to eye-witness people wrestle with one another? Yes, we all are. Wrestlers and boxers definitely get physical pain on their bodies just to win the prize and to be a source of entertainment to all of us.

Andy Ruiz is one of the immensely popular boxers who has won millions of hearts, and to that extent where people don’t even think twice before betting on him and his win.

Andy is an American professional boxer who makes money by knocking out people and winning several titles. Ruiz has won unified heavyweight champion, WBA, IBF, WBO, and IBO titles. Moreover, he is the first of Mexican descent to win a world heavyweight championship.

Surprisingly, the boxer, Andy shredded pounds of weight, and now, he looks amazingly fit. Let’s find out about Andy’s weight loss journey, and how he made it to losing pounds.

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Andy Ruiz’s Weight Loss Journey in 2022: Boxer’s Diet, Photos, Reddit & More!

Born on 11th September 1989 in Imperial Valley, California, United States, Andy Ruiz is one of the eminent personalities. Andy rose to prominence solely from his boxing skills and his victory with other boxers bringing him many popular titles. He is of Mexican descent, and earlier, his parents migrated from Mexico to the States.

Earlier, Andy Ruiz was into baseball, and later, his passion changed to boxing. Today, he has successfully turned his passion into his career and has filled his life with recognition. Moreover, as a child, he was very naughty, and thus, was nicknamed Destroyer for being destructive.

Being a boxer, it is discernible for Andy Ruiz (@andy_destroyer13) to carry out weight and pounds but his weight wasn’t inclined toward the healthy side. Initially, it was 283 kg which made Andy the second heaviest defending heavyweight champion.

Although Andy’s weight supported him in getting the title, it also brought him adverse effects. Being 283 kg attracts a lot of health complications and brings several diseases as well but since he was determined in regular workouts, the muscles were tough enough, Suddenly, Andy was seen as skinnier than what he looked in the ring, and his sudden weight loss caught up everyone’s attention.

While many Reddit users might have assumed that Andy might have undergone a strict diet or any weight loss schedule to shed pounds of weight, is that the reality? No. The actual reason behind Andy’s weight loss is knee surgery.

We do not know specifically how Andy Ruiz got a knee problem and was bound to get the surgery, but we assume that his extreme workout in the gym or his fight in the ring could have brought complications to his knee, and was compelled to get the surgery.

After the surgery, Andy’s body changed completely, and he lost pounds of weight. To be specific, it has been claimed that he lost 30 lbs. Looking at his present physique, the audience told that they do not believe that today’s Andy is the same person who had defeated Anthony Joshua in the ring.

Even though Andy had taken down the muscles, he is still as strong as he was in the past and therefore, is consistent with boxing inside the ring, and still, he receives the same support and love from his fans.

Andy Ruiz: Age and Net Worth

The professional basketball player, Andy Ruiz is 32 years old, and being a tattoo enthusiast, he has covered most of his body parts with ink. Being of Mexican descent, Andy never got to take the feels of Mexico rather he was born in the States, and spent all of his life, starting from his childhood to the present in the States.

Andy Ruiz had a passion for baseball but it was his father who dragged him to boxing, and we can say that his father is the reason that Andy has been making his name in the ring. Apart from his father, Andy developed somewhat of an interest in it as his grandfather had owned a boxing gym.

Starting his boxing career at a very young age, Andy Ruiz has received both fame and money. As per some sources, it has been estimated that his net worth is around $10 million.

Talking about his relationship status, it is likely that Andy is single, and maybe, he is still in search of his Cindrella, and soon in the future, we may get to see the love of his life.

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