Check out the complete details of Andra Day’s weight loss speculations through the inspection of before and after images.

With the success of her debut album Cheers to the Fall in 2015, Andra Day soon became a new exciting face in the music world. Following the release of the first album that earned two Grammy nominations, Day’s climb proved to be a rapid one.

But what seemed like an instant triumph from the exterior was really a long time in the making, culminating years of hard work and commitment to her art.

Recently, however, this marvelous singer is at the forefront over some personal stuff as fans speculate over her weight following her latest public appearance. Did Andra really lose pounds? Let’s find out.

Did Andra Day Undergo Weight Loss?

Andra Day's weight loss was evident at the 2020 Soul Train Awards.

Andra Day’s weight loss was evident at the 2020 Soul Train Awards.
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Fans first began noticing Andra Day’s massive weight loss during the 61st Annual Grammy Awards that was held on 10th February 2019.

While the viewers were split on her outfit for the occasion, there were no doubts over the singer’s change in physique.

One user wrote,

Andra Day wanted to show her weight loss (she looked better curvy but hey…) but what are you wearing baby girl?! #GRAMMYs

Another said,

andra day has lost so much weight #GRAMMYs

Fast forward a year and fans began speculating her slimmer body yet again as she made her appearance at the 2020 Soul Train Awards.

This time around, though, viewers were thoroughly impressed by her change in appearance as some sought her weight loss plan while others couldn’t help admire her look.

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Previously, back in February 2016, Andra Day was on the chubbier side as many fans mistook her for Rihanna during her appearance at the 58th Annual Grammy Awards, held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California.

Andra Day’s Talents were Discovered by Stevie Wonder’s Wife

A show in 2010 outside the California Strip Mall turned to be an incredible experience for Andra Day.

As the singer revealed to the Detroit Free Press, a video of that specific performance ended up being witnessed by fashion designer Kai Millard Morris, who, at the time, was in a marital relationship with the music legend Stevie Wonder.

After Morris urged her husband to check out her latest musical discovery, Day got a call from the Sir Duke singer himself.

Day told the publication:

I was so nervous. I kept saying to myself that he’s just a regular person. But in the same breath, I was saying, ‘He’s a legend.’ I felt like a meteor hit my house. It inspired me to keep pushing.

However, she had to wait another year before she and the music icon met again with Day alleging her manager had “sabotaged” the relationship.

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Fortunately, they were actually able to reconcile, with Andra dumping the manager while she signed with the label operated by producer Adrian Gurvitz.

Years after their very first exchange, Day confessed she always found it unreal to have the one and only Stevie Wonder as a part of her life.

Speaking on Live Nation TV, she said:

Being in contact with him even today, it’s still a very weird experience to be like, ‘Oh, hey Steve.’

Stevie Wonder did not just pave the path for Andra Day’s eventual commercial success, he also asked her to work on a new version of his 1967 holiday hit, Someday at Christmas in December 2015.

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Following the release of the music video, Day provided a homage to Wonder with a beautiful note in the comment section, saying:

Thank you for all of your support along the way. You have truly been there for me since Day 1.

Andra Day later gained further stardom when she and Wonder performed the holiday melody together in a TV advert for Apple.

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