Ana Navarro’s Weight Loss: How Much Does She Weigh Now? What’s Her Dress Size?


Ana Navarro’s Weight Loss: How Much Does She Weigh Now? What’s Her Dress Size?

Ana Navarro, the co-host of ‘The View’, has recently undergone a significant weight loss and people are interested to know how she was able to do so. Well, the 50-year-old political strategist has yet to make any remarks on the topic, however, we believe that she did it naturally. Additionally, her current weight and dress size have yet to be revealed.

Ana Navarro is a political strategist and commentator. Born on December 28, 1971, in Nicaragua, she is a Republican analyst with knowledge of things regarding Florida, Latin America, and Hispanics. Political unrest forced her to move to the United States in 1980, but her father stayed behind to continue fighting alongside the Contras against the Sandinista government.

Navarro also has much experience endorsing Republican candidates who are losing but have strong moral convictions. She served as John McCain‘s 2008 campaign’s National Hispanic Co-Chair. She has also provided campaign advice for a number of national, Florida, and state elections.

Additionally, she is a prominent political advocate for Hispanics in the US. She is a political pundit on CNN and Telemundo in addition to “The View.” She is renowned for providing frank and direct commentary and speaking the truth to authority.

Being a political strategist is not an easy job. With your vision and information, some people also happen to notice your appearance. Most recently, many people have noticed that Ana Navarro looks slightly slimmer and have been curious to know about her weight loss journey. Well, let’s get started.

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Ana Navarro’s Weight Loss: The Co-host of ‘The View’ Looks Slightly Slimmer in 2022!

Ana Navarro (@ananavarrofl) has recently lost a few pounds of weight and people are curious to know how she did it at the age of 50. However, the TV strategist has yet to talk about her weight loss. Also, we’re unaware of her current weight and dress size.

Back in 2021, The View co-host remarked that she was aware of her overweight. In an exchange with Donald Trump Jr., she stated,

Babe, I take a shot at my weight every day, okay? Unlike you, I have a mirror, and I know I have a weight issue.

It looks like Ana took the weight conversation with Donald Trump Jr. seriously as she has lost a significant amount of weight. Comparing her before and after pictures, her slimmer appearance reflects very positive energy and she seems to be happy with her progress.

On the other hand, many people wonder if Ana Navarro underwent surgery to lose weight. While she has not addressed the rumors, we believe she did it naturally. She might have followed a strict diet and exercised to lose weight. Losing weight isn’t that hard after all if you’re aware of what you’re eating. However, we have to wait for Ana’s statement to confirm how she was able to do so.

Additionally, we all know that losing weight after you reach the age of 50 is a lot harder. Our muscle mass declines as we age, which means we don’t use as much energy as we once did. But despite the fact that our bodies don’t need as many calories as they did when we were younger, we nonetheless frequently consume the same number of calories today, which might result in weight gain.

The hormonal changes your body is going through are another thing to think about, especially for women. Water retention caused by hormone abnormalities in certain women can be controlled using menopausal diet regimens, for example. However, there are some ways that can help you to lose weight quickly even after you reach your 50s. They are:


Hence, Ana Navarro might have followed a few or all of the above ways to lose weight. We’ll get back to you as soon as we get any information about her weight loss from our sources.

Who Is Ana Navarro’s Husband, Al Cardenas?

Ana Navarro‘s husband, Al Cardenas is highly known for his ability to lead in the legal, commercial, and political spheres. According to the website of the business, he is a senior partner with The Advocacy Group at Cardenas Partners. For example, he held the positions of vice-chairman for the Republican Party of Florida for three consecutive years and party chairman for two terms.

Cardenas was selected by former president Ronald Reagan to work with his transitional team to set up the Department of Commerce. Cardenas served as the president’s commission on small and minority business affairs under the previous administration. Additionally, he named Cardenas as his special envoy to St. Kitts-Nevis.

Cardenas also served on the Federal National Mortgage Association Board of Directors and the President’s Trade Policy Commission during the tenure of President George H. W. Bush. Cardenas frequently contributes to political television shows, just like Ana Navarro.

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