Reddit: Amanda Batula’s Weight Loss; Did She Lose Weight to Fit In Her Wedding Dress? Before & After Pictures Examined!


Reddit: Amanda Batula’s Weight Loss; Did She Lose Weight to Fit In Her Wedding Dress? Before & After Pictures Examined!

One of the faces of Summer House, Amanda Batula’s weight loss in 2022 is all that’s been talked about on the internet and especially on Reddit after her wedding. With her before and after pictures circulating around, many are also wondering if Amanda is pregnant. Speculated that her weight loss was actually for the wedding, fans are excited to know how and how much weight did Amanda lose and what’s her height.

Driven and creative, Amanda Batula, currently 30, is a young television personality and a reality star with a reputation for speaking her mind.

Part of the famous reality show Summer house films a group of friends who spend their weekends at one of the most upscale beach communities on the East Coast, Amanda has created quite the name for herself in reality TV, and well this time her weight loss is being the topic of the talk.

The spectacular season finale of Summer House was all about Kyle Cooke and Amanda’s wedding and the fans couldn’t stop talking about it. Along with all the newlywed glow, Amanda’s weight loss was all that was highlighted. Amanda Batula looks a little different now than she did when she initially joined Summer House. So, here’s all we know about her weight loss.

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Reddit: Amanda Batula’s Weight Loss; Did the Reality Star Lose Weight Just for Her Wedding? Before & After Pictures Examined!

Amanda Batula surely has changed since she first came into the screens in season 2 of Summer House as many are wondering. Looking at Amanda’s pictures before and after, the star had a stunning glow-up followed by a weight loss in 2022 and fans are discussing it on Reddit as well.

The graphic designer from New York City opened up about her bodily transformation over the past few years to Bravo TV Amanda mentioned that she dropped some weight on April 27 while responding to fan queries on Instagram stories. Since then fans are digging up information on Batula’s weight loss.

As per Amanda Batula herself, she weighed her heaviest when she first debuted in the show back in 2018. When inquired how much she weighed, the influencer said that she didn’t know her weight as she refused to step on a scale. However, looking at herself she was sure she should be losing some pounds.

During an interview with Bravo Tv, she explained,

“I know that number might sound really big compared to how I looked then — it’s not like I was huge — but I gained weight very evenly and I carry it in my face a lot too. But I had to buy a whole new wardrobe because I could not fit into my clothes that year.”

Standing 5’7 tall, Amanda (@amandabatula)  was certainly not obese but wasn’t also in her best shape. As to how Amanda Batula lost weight, she was kind enough to share her secrets with the fans. The Summer House actress attributes her success to intermittent fasting, Bulletproof (coffee), and cutting out all sugar and carbs.

Her husband Kyle Cooke revealed in a previous interview Amanda doesn’t like going to the gym, so there are not many physical endeavors in her weight loss journey.

In addition, Amanda Batula offered some advice that she had found useful in her Instagram story, such as to “give in to your cravings in little doses, so that you don’t overindulge,” and to “just try to eat a lot of protein” and veggies rather than keeping track of calories.

The most important one of all her tips said to not walk on the scale. The influencer shared how she didn’t step on the scale for an entire year thus Amanda wouldn’t reveal her previous and current weights.

As per her number you see doesn’t matter, what matters to me is how I feel in the clothes I’m wearing and how I feel physically about myself. Her parting words exclaimed: The ultimate goal is to have your favorite pair of jeans fit.

Many fans also believe that Amanda Batula specifically lost weight for her wedding. Married to her long love Kyle, Amanda appeared absolutely gorgeous, fit, and slimmer in her wedding dress making many speculate that her motivation to shed some pounds was the wedding. Stunning her fans in a tight-fitted wedding gown, Amanda wasn’t shy to show the fruits of her weight loss journey through the curves of her body.

Recently, Amanda busted out her sexiest swimsuit to celebrate her vacation with Kyle in Italy. In a recent batch of Instagram pictures shared by the star, Batula was seen sweltering in a little green bikini on the Amalfi Coast. Showing off her slim belly and curvy waist in a barely-there two-piece with a plunging top and high-cut, extremely low-rise bottoms, Amanda looked stunning.

Amanda Batula’s weight loss is quite evident enchanting the fans to know the details of it. Fans are also speculating if Amanda is pregnant, but the star hasn’t said anything about it yet.

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