Real Truth About Alicia Witt’s Plastic Surgery Procedures


Alicia Witt's Plastic Surgery Procedures

Grab all the details of Alicia Witt’s plastic surgery procedures, most notably breast implants, Botox, and fillers.

Christmas wouldn’t be complete without the spray of Alicia Witt, who is a part of the yearly Hallmark Christmas event celebration for the past three years. Witt is continuing the trend this weekend with the release of the inspirational Christmas Tree Lane, starring Andrew Walker, Briana Price, and Drake Hogestyn.

It tells the tale of a music store owner who’s willing to save her favorite street from being destroyed by a contractor who gets romantically involved with an employee of the firm she is battling.

For Witt, the project was unique in several respects, including the fact that it was based on her initial concept, and for the first time, she served as an executive producer as well.

Away from her professional prowess – lately, the actress is the subject of plastic surgery speculations through drastic differences in the before and after pictures. Let’s dig deep into the details.

Alicia Witt Underwent Breast Implants Plastic Surgery

Alicia Witt before and after plastic surgery.

Alicia Witt before and after plastic surgery.
Source: Pinterest

Alicia Witt has had a flattering breast augmentation. Previously, she had much smaller bosoms, and now it looks like she’s got a solid, perky B cup, first noticed in the TV show ‘Two and a Half Men.’ Overall, the transition looks good since it’s big enough to grab attention, but it’s not so large that she’d be confused for an adult actress.

Besides her obvious transformation around the chest area, fans have often speculated about her other cosmetic endeavors too.

Discussing Witt’s alleged plastic surgery, one fan said,

What happened to her lips? I am watching her now on a Hallmark movie and I thought that they credited the wrong actress. Now, she looks like everyone else. How unfortunate. Someone gave Miss Witt some extremely bad advice and unfortunate and unnecessary plastic surgery.

The second, however, defended the actress,

Alicia Witt has not had anything done to her face. check out recent photos and compare with older ones. perhaps you’re seeing different lighting or something in that particular project but she has not had any work done (she is very opposed to that)

The third wasn’t having any of the defense:

She must’ve have changed her mind because it’s obvious she’s had plastic surgery…fillers and Botox. ?

The fourth claimed,

Wait, you are making a judgement based on how she looked in a movie? Have you ever heard of this thing called make-up? Do you understand what a movie is? Or do you believe that Elijah Wood and Sean Astin really have hair feet like in the Lord of the Rings?

It’s fair to say fans are split on Alicia Witt’s plastic surgery, although we’re more inclined to believe she did indeed go under the knife.

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Alicia Witt Performed Her Original Songs in the Hallmark Movie ‘Christmas Tree Lane’

The report on the Hallmark Channel shows one of the festive movies we’ll see is named “Christmas Tree Lane.” The movie features Drake Hogestyn and Alicia Witt. Not only did the actress composes original music, but she even performed them in the forthcoming Christmas film.

As per Feeling The Vibe, the story reads:

Christmas Tree Lane centers on Meg Reilly (Alicia Witt), a singer who shares her passion with voice students in her father’s (Drake Hogestyn) music store on Christmas Tree Lane. In addition to teaching, Meg is also helping plan a Christmas festival to draw in more customers, as the small store has been struggling lately.

While all this is going on, Meg meets Nate Williams (Andrew Walker), a businessman who’s passing through town, but whose connection to a developer may be the key to saving her dad’s store.

If Alicia Witt seems like someone you’ve seen before, it’s probably because she features on Netflix’s hit show Orange is the New Black for the seventh and final season. Her other credits include the likes of Nashville, Twin Peaks, Friday Night Lights, and The Mentalist.

Alicia has made nearly as many movie appearances, the likes of Vanilla Sky (2001), Two Weeks Notice (2002), and 88 Minutes (2007). This isn’t her debut appearance in a Hallmark film either: she was previously in seven of the network’s holiday movies before this one. Her first film was in 2013 titled A Very Merry Mix-Up.

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As per Parade, Witt is not just a leading star, she is the executive producer of the Hallmark Christmas film. Not only did she compose original songs for the production, but she also sang them. Witt met with the outlet of “Christmas Tree Lane” and clarified:

I’m so proud of what we created and the songwriter aspects of the story are deeply personal to me, as well. I’m thrilled to get to share two of my original songs, and I wrote one of them, ‘Christmas Will Never End,’ especially for this movie. We need joy and light more than ever before, so my heart is deeply grateful that we can put this movie out into the world this holiday season.

Just as Alicia Witt, Andrew Walker is a Hallmark veteran — he’s been in nearly 20 movies in the last eight years!

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