Adam Scott Weight Loss – What’s the Real Story?


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Adam Scott Weight Loss - What's the Real Story

Adam Scott is best known as the famous Ben Wyatt on Parks and Recreation that just broadcasted a special reunion episode through Zoom. As the COVID-19 pandemic has delayed filming for an uncertain period of time for several programs, the Parks and Recreation revival was one of the most exciting moments in the history of the show, with the whole cast calling to attend.

Though the reunion was extensively-loved, one aspect the audience couldn’t get over was Adam Scott’s apparent weight loss, which was noticeable at the reunion. So, what exactly is up with Adam? How is the actor doing?

Adam Scott Weight Loss – Is the Parks and Recreation Star Sick?

Fans cannot help wonder if Adam Scott underwent weight loss.

Fans cannot help wonder if Adam Scott underwent weight loss.
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One of the main questions the fans of the recent reunion carried was whether or not Adam was ill. During the reunion, the audience noticed the star was appearing a bit “gaunt,” as though he had lost undergone massive weight loss lately and was not well.

“I can’t stop focusing on Adam Scott’s face,” one Reddit user said of the episode. “He looks sick, does anybody know what’s going on?”

“Very gaunt. I was worried. Still am,” another user replied, while another said, “Me and my family were talking about that. You can see his [cheek] bones so much. He looks like he might not be doing well. I really hope he is.”

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Some mentioned that Adam appeared too ill because of the poor lighting since the episode was shot fully over Zoom without a qualified crew.

In either event, Adam did not elaborate about his weight loss, nor did he hint about wanting to lose weight, which is making the audience further curious about the star.

Adam Scott’s Mother Died in March

Another argument made by some viewers was Adam’s recent personal struggles, which may justify his unhealthy look and alleged weight loss. His mother passed away from ALS on March 5th, and the actor has just recently opened up about the tragic loss.

“My mom and I were very much the same. We were connected, shared a brain — we knew the exact joke or silent internal reaction the other was thinking or feeling,” he shared on Instagram over two months after his mother’s passing. “…My mom and I lived together, my sister having left for college and my brother living mostly at my dad’s or out and about enjoying his newfound teenager status. So it was my mom and I. Frick and Frack. The world wasn’t ready for us but boy were we ready for the world.”

He went on to recollect some of his memorable childhood moments with his mum, and how she’d provide the freedom for him and his friends to swear as kids at their home.

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“Of course as a teenager, I needed to pull away and forge an identity where my mom wasn’t the lens through which I saw the whole world. But she was and is. Everything I see and hear and feel is through that lens,” he shared. “That is how I carry her with me now that she’s gone. She gave me the world, and now I look at it with her eyes, and feel her in my heart.”

“It’s cold comfort but I’m glad she went before we all had to hide away in our houses and apartments,” he continued. “Not being able to visit her, to hold her hand would have been unbearable. Not being able to tell her about her grandkids’ latest adventures, to kiss her on the forehead before I leave as if to say thank you, I love you, I’m not full of s–t.”

The Entire Cast Returned for the Parks and Recreation Reunion

The Parks and Rec reunion, which was called “A Parks and Recreation Special,” featured the entire cast in all their glory.

Amy Poehler, Rashida Jones, Nick Offerman, Adam Scott, Aziz Ansari, Chris Pratt, Aubrey Plaza, Rob Lowe, Retta, and Jim O’Heir all joined in on the reunion. We even got a glimpse of Paul Rudd as Bobby Newport.

The show opens with Leslie Knope, played by Amy Poehler and Ben Wyatt, played by Adam Scott checking in with each other via video chat. He’s at home with their kids, and she was somewhere else working. He’s a representative in Congress and she works for the Department of the Interior.

There are many tongues in cheek mentions to the things he’s done to amuse himself during lonely moments in the past, like the Claymation experiment he made when he was unemployed and depressed. Many fans recalled the epic and hilarious, “Could a depressed person make this?” line that Ben delivers and couldn’t help but connect the moments. One Twitter user wrote, “this is my favorite thing to ever happen? @mradamscott thank you so much.”

Meanwhile, we might need an official word from Adam Scott himself to come to any sort of conclusion on whether or not the actor actually underwent weight loss.

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