Why Is Everyone Talking About Ada Nicodemou’s Plastic Surgery?


Why Is Everyone Talking About ADA Nicodemou’s Plastic Surgery? weightandskin.com

Ada Nicodemou has admitted to having only two plastic surgery procedures including a boob job and Botox injections. The Australian actress, 46, claims that she had plastic surgery for herself and she is pleased with the outcome. She is rumored to have a nose job, eyebrow lift surgery, and cheek implant in addition to a boob job and Botox.

Ada Nicodemou is an Australian actress best known for her role in the serial series Home and Away as Leah Patterson-Baker. She is someone who does not keep all of her opinions to herself. She always speaks openly about whatever she wants to discuss.

Ada has been candid about her plastic surgery, which included a boob job and Botox injections. But did she undergo any more surgeries? Here’s what we know so far.

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Ada Nicodemou Has Admitted to Having Only Two Plastic Surgery Procedures Including a Boob Job and Botox Injections

Australian actress Ada Nicodemou (@adanicodemou) has admitted to having plastic surgery. She disclosed in response to an Instagram troll who indicated she was a fake. She captioned,

 Thank you both for your comments and I appreciate that everyone has a right to an opinion but have you stopped to think about what example this gives to other girls and young women about body shaming and tearing down other women?

She continued,

This is where cyberbullying begins. And btw I don’t use fillers and I rarely use Botox and the only surgery that I’ve done as is ‘fake’ is breast augmentation which I have every right to do. Maybe think before you post next time.

Nicodemou claims that she had plastic surgery for herself and she is pleased with the outcome. Some have complimented her willingness to talk freely about her plastic surgery for its honesty and openness. Others, though, have chastised her for encouraging unrealistic beauty standards.

The Sydney-based actress has denied getting fillers but she admits to having a boob job and Botox injections. Ada aspired to have the perfect physique, but she was not gifted with the large boobs she desired. Instead, she had flat boobs since she was also a slim lady with little body fat to fill up her boobs.

Ada Nicodemou before the boob job. weightandskin.com

Ada Nicodemou before the boob job.
Image Source: Daily Mail

She certainly didn’t want to have that figure all the time, which is why she chose a boob job to enhance her look. And now we can see the effects in Ada’s physique, which supports her new, large, and round breasts. Meanwhile, this breast appears to be inappropriate for her since she has a small physique but receives quite large breasts that do not fit her well.

Ada Nicodemou was aware that she would have a lot of fine lines and wrinkles on her skin after her forties. That is why she chose Botox to prevent fine lines and wrinkles from becoming more prominent on her skin. Botox involves injecting a solution under the fine line to prevent it from becoming deeper and making the wrinkle more visible.

And we can notice the difference in Ada’s skin, which has smoothed out and no wrinkles have appeared on her face even at the age of 46. She seems to have gained a lot of benefit from it.

Did Ada Nicodemou Have a Nose Job, Eyebrow Lift Surgery, and Cheek Implant?

Ada Nicodemous’ childhood photos show her with a flat nasal bridge and a large nose tip, which was not attractive. This is why she probably chose a nose job to change the shape of her nose. The consequence is seen in her look now, as she has a small and sharp nose with a sculptured form that she did not have previously.

The 46-year-old Greek-Australian actress should have a lot of drooping behind her brows. The brows will have a lot of flapping skin, which is common for people who have reached their forties. And if you look at Ada, you’ll notice that she still has a smooth, sagging-free brow, which should not be feasible for her.

Ada Nicodemou is said to have a nose job, eyebrow lift surgery, and cheek implant. weightandskin.com
Ada Nicodemou is said to have a nose job, eyebrow lift surgery, and cheek implant.
Image Source: Instagram

That is why we assume she had a brow lift surgery to remove her sagging skin. Moreover, if you look at her previous images and compare them to her present picture, you will see that her brow position has altered. In comparison to her previous photos, her brow has risen. That shift in posture is one indication that she has had a brow lift treatment.

Besides these plastic surgeries, the soap opera actress is also rumored to have cheek injections. This is because as she ages her cheeks will become sunken, making her face appear unattractive and elderly. She certainly doesn’t want to have that type of influence, since it may hamper her acting career. This is why she desires a cheek injection.